holiday gift guide: stocking stuffers

I love buying stocking stuffers! I like to do a mixture of practical and silly.

stocking stuffers

1) Bojangles Seasoning $8.95 for 4 (easy to split up!)
2) Travel Dressing Container $3.99 
3) #TheSelfie $14.99
4) Get Sauced Cocktail Spoons $6.99 for two
5) Travel Mug $17.98 (set of 2, another item you can split up!)
6) Wine Topper $5.99
7) Business Card Holder $14
8) Matches $6
9) Bangle $28
10) Bling Wipes $12

Typically I'll buy one "larger" item, then a few smaller ones and then fill with candy. Really the only stockings I fill are Dave's, my own (in case Dave doesn't :) ) and my sister's, sometimes some other family members, just depends! Other items I've done for Dave's stocking before are a Tervis tumbler, socks, phone charger, earbuds.


weekend review

Friday we celebrated a friend's birthday at Cajun Queen- I forget how much I love that place. If you are in Charlotte and love Cajun, you must try it!

Saturday I baked my very first apple pie!! My friend Elizabeth had me over early Saturday so she could show me how to do it. Then I took it my brother in law's for his birthday lunch! It was pretty good for my first attempt. There were no leftovers so everyone must have loved it too! I'm glad I did a trial run before I make it for Thanksgiving.


Sunday was spent working and running errands. So much to make for holiday orders, I'll be working as much as possible until Christmas! Speaking of that- save the date for a holiday show December 5-7, more details to come.  

Sunday night my dad took Dave & I to Dogwood, a new restaurant in Charlotte right near his place. I got the sirloin and loved it- the steak sauce was incredible! 

I can't believe I'm hosting 19 people at my house for Thanksgiving! We started prepping this weekend. I still need to work on my tables for Thursday. And start preparing for the food I'm making (appetizers, green bean casserole & apple pie).  

working on place settings

Its going to be a busy 3 days! But the MOST EXCITING part of this week is that my cousin Jennie returns from 11 month long mission trip!!!! I am so excited I can hardly stand it!!! She gets in late Wednesday night, just in time for Thanksgiving with all of us! 


living room

Beth stopped by the other day so we could finalize some details on the kitchen and discuss the living room.  I just get so excited to hear her ideas!

This is the collage she sent me, but it may not make sense to everyone because it is parts of both rooms and includes some existing pieces.

Here are some changes we are making:
1) Get two round end tables instead of the mismatched ones I have now
2) New lamps
3) Add a rug
4) Add some artwork (this piece is top of my list- on sale at OKL)
5) Switch the placement of the two chests
6) Find a tall bookcase
7) Make a little cozy nook

Now for some before pics!

 that chest will move and we will hopefully put a tall bookcase there, that cream accent chair and art will also change

the chest in the first photo will go here

the couch, chairs, ottoman and curtains will stay

the wall on the left of the doorway is gone now! the wall to the right will get the wooden chest and a piece of art

Not photographed is the space where I plan to do the cozy nook! It will just be a chair and little table in a corner. I'm so excited to make these changes and really pull the room together. I love that Beth has similar style to me, but also that she can really put together things I never could. I really love that she gets that I am on a budget. She isn't sending me $500 pillows or $1000 lamps! Can't wait to share after photos!!


3 years!

Today Dave and I are celebrating 3 perfect (ha!) wonderful (yes!) years of marriage!! Its corny, but I fall more in love with him each day. We've hit our stride and our marriage is constantly growing. We are always learning from each other. I wish I could put into words how much he has taught me and how much he has made my life better.  Dave, if you happen to read this, I love you so much and am so thankful for you! Poppy and I are lucky girls to have you take care of us. :)


I love seeing how much he loves our nieces and nephews...

So sweet--helping me with work

fun in the past year!



dear santa...here are a few of my favorite things!

Every Christmas my family writes letters to Santa. Dad included! We still do it and I don't think we'll ever stop, it is too fun!

This year I don't have anything that I really really want or need. I am feeling very blessed to have just had my kitchen redone and to be working on redoing my living room.  BUT I can always think of things I like that I wouldn't mind having. :) I like to think I'm easy to shop for- I love anything gold, anything for entertaining or for the home. I always love new perfumes, candles, PJs, blankets, etc. Really- I just think its the thought that counts.

Here are a few things that I would like, but that I also think most any girl would like!

christmas list

Gold Leopard Dish- I love animal print and gold...put them together and I think its perfect.

Nest Candle- my sister got this and I think I need it too!

C. Wonder Cosmetic Bag- I have an addiction to cosmetic bags, pouches, etc. Again, I love the leopard pring! (30% off until 11/25)

Gold Ring- I always struggle to find rings I like or that I know I'll wear often. I only ever wear my engagement ring and wedding band. I would love to wear this ring on my other hand.

Buffalo Check Blanket- I would love this on my couch for the holidays OR to snuggle up outside by the fire with.

Acrylic Cocktail Napkin Holder- This would look great on my bar cart or on our bar area :)

PJ Leggings- I think the price is a little high, but they are so cute. I like PJ pants that don't look too much like PJ pants so I can wear them around the house and if people come by I feel like I'm just in lounge wear.

Nixon Watch- I have been wanting a new watch and love that this one isn't as pricey as the Michael Kors one I liked.

Swell Water Bottle- The color is sparkling champagne, need I say more?

linking up with Katie & April today!


friday five: november 15

Linking up with NatashaAprilChristina and Darci this Friday!

one. The most exciting-- the kitchen is DONE! And I am in love. We cooked our first meal last night and it was so fun. I'll share lots of pics once it is all cleaned up. But here are the pendants- one of my fav parts!

two. Its Fri-YAY! I have a girlfriend (& her pup) coming to spend the night tonight and am so excited! On the schedule: Dave grilling us steaks, wine outside by the fire and lots of girl talk!

Poppy is excited to snuggle with Raleigh!

three. Call me crazy... but I would love for me, Dave & Poppy to all have matching Christmas jammies. I'm sure it won't happen....Dave won't do it. But maybe Poppy & I can still match. 

four. If you follow on instagram, then you'll see that I got a new bookcase for my office! I was using an old dining room table (the kind in two pieces) to keep piece on top and boxes underneath. Now I have this white bookcase from Target! More storage, less space for me to clutter. 



five. Lots of holiday orders are shipping out to stores today and next week! They are: Savvy in Greenville, SC, Tash Boutique & Scout and Molly's here in Charlotte and Simply Meg's in Greensboro! If you are in any of these areas stop by and take a look! And be sure to follow us on Instagram for some upcoming giveaways and new pieces. 


currently loving: november 11

I have found some awesome things lately that I just have to share!

First up, this sweater from Anthro. I'm in LOVE. I wore it in black for our photos and really want it in white. Great fit, long enough for leggings or skinny jeans.

Another sweater...this one I mentioned on Friday. I took the plunge! I am not normally a sweater person. I get hot very easily. But this one is perfection (it arrived today!). I have to be honest, my sister got it first and I totally copied her. I also wouldn't normally spend so much, but it went on sale and then I got an additional 20% off.

These are my new favorite bootie! They were on sale at Nordstrom so it was time to take the plunge after admiring them for so long. They are SO comfortable. I wore them to work at Scout & Molly's all last week with no issues and have worn them constantly since.

Now I have to watch my spending until Christmas! I had too much fun getting these items....


weekend review

Did everyone have a good weekend?! We did!

Friday day and night I worked my little tail off to fill all the orders I got after Ashley & Natalie shared my jewelry! My dad and Dave went out for our usual Friday dinner and I stayed home to work, but they were sweet enough to bring me take out. I am so thankful for all the orders I received and excited to be so busy! If you're interested, Christmas orders need to be placed by December 5!


Saturday I woke up, started working and then took a break to hit up the bead shop and then visit with a girlfriend.  That night Dave and I decided to have a little date night and try a new spot in town. Locals, we went to Dogwood- owned by the same people as Dressler's. Just opened up near the Whole Foods! They definitely have some kinks to work out, but the space looks great and everyone was very nice. 

Sunday we had pictures for our Christmas card! I should say it was actually a mini photo shoot for me and Poppy, trying to get a good one of us for the website. I just made Dave get in a few so we could have one for a card. My sister's friend Erica took them for us, which I really liked since we know her and I'm very comfortable with her. 

black sweater from Anthro, Poppy Style druzy necklace, Jack vest from Scout & Molly's

On the kitchen front....looks like we might be able to start using it by the weekend! It may not be 100% done, but appliances should be hooked up so we can use them and start unpacking boxes. I went to the Container Store this morning and can't wait to start unpacking and organizing every space.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Normally I'm sad its Monday, but I have such a busy week ahead I'm glad it is Monday to get it started! Gotta love when you love what you do... :)


friday five: november 7

Joining up with NatashaAprilChristina and Darci this Friday!

one. The kitchen is still not done. Surprise surprise....  I am going NUTS! So ready for it to be done. We had to have the hardwoods in the living room and dining room sanded and restained along with the kitchen so that it all blended- such a pain. Today they are painting and hopefully installing appliances. I ordered these pendants finally- love them, but they have been back ordered and are finally back in stock.

these were taken last weekend:

two. Last night we had dinner with some good friends (at their house since we have nowhere to sit) and had the most delicious pizza! They got it from Pasta & Provisions- one of my favorite little local spots. I had never had their pizza though, just their amazing pastas! If you're local, try the pizza!! We try to have dinner with them regularly on Thursdays, it is a fun thing we enjoy and we always do it at home (theirs or ours), which is so nice. 

three. I went ahead and hired Beth to help me with our living room! I've loved having her help with the kitchen and slowly over time want her help with every room.  So I'll share before pictures soon and then some of our ideas. It won't be any major changes...trying to keep it on a budget! 

a quick glimpse!
four. New shows: Dave and I have started watching Scorpion- anyone else? I really like it so far! And I'm still loving How to Get Away With Murder. I've also watched Stalker, creeps me out what people do!

five. My sister has this sweater and I'm dying to have it. I might take the plunge today since it is now marked down!