kitchen reno update

We are deep in construction zone here! So far it hasn't been TOO bad. Sometimes it is pretty loud, but I can ignore most of the noise if I close my office door and turn up the TV or radio. Poppy is not a big fan though.

To get any snacks or drinks during the day I have to go out our front door and walk around to the back, which is actually a nice excuse for a break and fresh air. Poppy enjoys it a lot! In the evenings we are able to unzip the plastic covers to the middle of the house and get through to each side.

We haven't eaten out much- just going over to generous friends' houses or getting take out- like Panera or HT subs. Protein bars, chips, crackers and cheese have been great helpful snacks and breakfast choices.

We ordered our stools and I really like them. We went with the black Paige stool from World Market.

Here is the cabinet hardware we ended up with:

knob                                      pull

I didn't know hardware could make me so happy!! #seriousadultmoment

I am also in LOVE with our pot filler! It works great the existing faucet we have.

And now some in progress shots: 


  1. Love the stools and hardware you chose!! I had so much fun picking hardware for our kitchen

  2. Love all the gold hardware! It's going to look awesome!