happy halloween!

one. Happy Halloween y'all! I love holidays, any holiday. So I'm super excited for today! Can't wait to see all the kids dressed up. This is my niece and nephews last weekend before a Halloween party:

two. Wednesday night was the Hornets opening game! Dave & I got to go and had so much fun. I went to Hornets games growing up and am SO glad they are back!!

three. Thursday night we went to the Panthers/Saints game! Sadly we lost, but we still had a great time. I love weeks like this- full of things to do and sporting events! But now I need a few days to rest!

four. I've been filling in at Scout & Molly's this week and am doing it again some next week. I have had the best time! I miss being in a fun environment, since I just work from my home office. So if you're in Charlotte, I'm working today 2-6 and next Tues-Thurs!

five. Our kitchen still isn't done...but is getting close! Originally Dave predicted Oct 31 as a finished date, but I knew we would probably hit some hiccups along the way and I know Dave so I added at least a week to that. I'm hoping it will be done by next Friday! There will still be some little things to do, but it will be usable. I still can't decide on pendants- it is driving me nuts!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


  1. Love the peek of the kitchen!! Can't wait to see the final product. Happy Halloween!

  2. The kitchen is looking sooo good!! I can only imagine how much fun the Hornets game was!! Hope you have a relaxing weekend.