happy halloween!

one. Happy Halloween y'all! I love holidays, any holiday. So I'm super excited for today! Can't wait to see all the kids dressed up. This is my niece and nephews last weekend before a Halloween party:

two. Wednesday night was the Hornets opening game! Dave & I got to go and had so much fun. I went to Hornets games growing up and am SO glad they are back!!

three. Thursday night we went to the Panthers/Saints game! Sadly we lost, but we still had a great time. I love weeks like this- full of things to do and sporting events! But now I need a few days to rest!

four. I've been filling in at Scout & Molly's this week and am doing it again some next week. I have had the best time! I miss being in a fun environment, since I just work from my home office. So if you're in Charlotte, I'm working today 2-6 and next Tues-Thurs!

five. Our kitchen still isn't done...but is getting close! Originally Dave predicted Oct 31 as a finished date, but I knew we would probably hit some hiccups along the way and I know Dave so I added at least a week to that. I'm hoping it will be done by next Friday! There will still be some little things to do, but it will be usable. I still can't decide on pendants- it is driving me nuts!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


fall decor

I love when I can decorate for a season or holiday! I spent some time this past weekend getting out my fall and Halloween decorations. I try to stick to general fall decor so I can use it longer (through Thanskgiving), but sometimes I can't resist a little Halloween fun!

I've had this "Happy Fall Y'all" door piece for a few years now and love it.  I also got one of her Christmas ones for our backdoor instead of a wreath.

I picked up this white pumpkin cookie jar to use for Poppy's treats (since we don't typically have cookies!). I love using cookie jars for her treats- makes me feel even more like I have a child.... :)

This year I also got a few of these colorful Halloween pumpkins for around the house.  You could easily DIY them, but they were just $3 which is worth it to me-I can only imagine the mess I would make with paint, glitter and glue.

Besides Target I get a ton of decorative items at Hobby Lobby. If you shop right you can save 30-50% off! I never (rarely) buy anything full price there.

I would love to try this DIY pumpkin vase that Mallory did, just not sure if I'll find the time! How gorgeous is it?!

What are your favorite fall decorations?


currently loving: anthropologie favs

      trivet                                                                                       dishtowels
pintucked top                                                                               lace tunic
     swing tunic                                                                             peasant tunic

Anthropologie is my current favorite store. I can't seem to walk out empty handed! I love all of their home stuff, though some of it is too pricey for me. I own both of those tops and wear them so much! I have decided to do more quality over quantity. So I spend a little more on top, knowing that I love it and will wear it all the time. I would love either of these dresses! I love fall weather for the simple fact that I can through on a cute dress and a pair of boots- comfy and cute. 

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kitchen reno update

We are deep in construction zone here! So far it hasn't been TOO bad. Sometimes it is pretty loud, but I can ignore most of the noise if I close my office door and turn up the TV or radio. Poppy is not a big fan though.

To get any snacks or drinks during the day I have to go out our front door and walk around to the back, which is actually a nice excuse for a break and fresh air. Poppy enjoys it a lot! In the evenings we are able to unzip the plastic covers to the middle of the house and get through to each side.

We haven't eaten out much- just going over to generous friends' houses or getting take out- like Panera or HT subs. Protein bars, chips, crackers and cheese have been great helpful snacks and breakfast choices.

We ordered our stools and I really like them. We went with the black Paige stool from World Market.

Here is the cabinet hardware we ended up with:

knob                                      pull

I didn't know hardware could make me so happy!! #seriousadultmoment

I am also in LOVE with our pot filler! It works great the existing faucet we have.

And now some in progress shots: 


friday five: october 18

Joining up with NatashaAprilChristina and Darci this Friday!

Happy Friday!

one. Yesterday was my sister's birthday and we had the best time together! We got mani/pedis in the morning and did some shopping. She is helping me put together an outfit for...my 10 year reunion!

two. Tomorrow night is my TEN year high school reunion! Time has flown by. I think we are going to have a good crowd and I'm excited to see people! Many of us are still close and see each other regularly, but some have moved away so it'll be nice to visit.

three. I know it seems crazy to think about Christmas...but I am. Not in a way for myself, but for Poppy Style. I am already working on filling holiday orders for stores! As of now, all holiday orders will need to be placed by December 1! So keep that in mind if you plan to order necklaces or bangles as gifts!

four. I don't watch the Kardashians regularly, they overwhelm me. But sometimes I need a good laugh and that show always works. I saw this post on Facebook and keep rereading it laughing! 

five. I have a busy busy day of work before I can enjoy my weekend so I'm off! 


kitchen reno: before photos

We are deep in construction now! Not sure of the estimated end date, it just HAS TO BE done by Thanksgiving! Dave claims early November...

Here are a few before photos: 

The wall with the sink will become where the fridge, stove and oven go. 

The mock up!

This wall is what will become our island which will have the sink and dishwasher in it.

This is the end of the kitchen, there is a doorway that leads to the living room.

I can't wait to share after photos!! 


my mom

Today it has been 6 years since my mom lost her battle to lung cancer. I remember the day like it was yesterday. We had hospice at the house and were as prepared as we could be. My sister, dad and I were all there, along with my aunts and cousin. I had walked away for a few minutes of quiet time to my room and had the song "I Can Only Imagine" playing when my aunt called to tell me it was "time."  I am thankful that she went peacefully and that we were there. 

When my best friend's dad died unexpectedly last month, she asked me "when does it feel real?" and it broke my heart and took my breath away. Because honestly, some days, it still doesn't feel real. I told Dave yesterday sometimes, not often, I forget she is gone. Just little moments here and there, where I think about her or calling her and then I have to remember she is gone. And at my best friend's dad's funeral they played "I Can Only Imagine" and it made me remember that night so clearly and feel like I was right back there. I know that my mom welcomed him to Heaven with a huge hug and they are both there together, looking down on us. 

To read about my sister's experience visit her blog here.  She mentions the support from her husband Allen and to this day I am still so incredibly thankful for Allen's role in our lives at this time.  He wasn't just there for Josie, he was there for me and my dad. He was such a rock to our family--and still is.  I feel very blessed to have him in my family.

Like my sister, I spoke to my mom constantly. Now we didn't always get along or see eye to eye. I could definitely be a pain. But I did feel like I could tell her anything. We were very honest with one another. She was fun and loving, caring and smart. She was one of a kind and such an amazing mom. I wish I had let her know that more often. She touched so many lives.

I am incredibly grateful of the time I did have with my mom. I wish it had been longer...I wish she could have met Dave and seen us get married. I wish she would meet my children one day. But I can't change all of that...I just try to be thankful for what I do have.

I am thankful that she has inspired me to be the person that I am today. My mom was a talented artist, painter, DIY-er and so much more. I swear I can't draw a picture to save my life, but I guess I got some part of her creative gene that has gifted me the ability to do what I love- make jewelry. I wish she was here to help me, I sure could use her help!!


some of my favorite piece's of my mom's 


kitchen wish list

Demo started today on our kitchen! I am already ready for the finished product- I have no patience. These are a few little things I'm lusting after for my new kitchen. 

I have a thing for salt + pepper shakers. While on our honeymoon in Asia, the restaurants always had cool and unique salt + pepper shakers. I want to have a little collection of fun ones! So I'm thinking I need a cute gold set to match the new kitchen.

The unicorn ring dish would be so fun (and quirky) next to the sink to hold my rings while I wash dishes...total want, not need.

Do I need gold rimmed glasses? No. But I love them. 

I don't know if I would really use the iPad holder, but it is super fun looking!

I think I must have the piggy dinner bell. Seriously. My mom LOVED pigs so we always had fun little pig accents around, I think it would be a fun reminder of her and a fun way to call for dinner!

Again, do I need this gold mirrored tray? No. I have more trays than I know what to do with. But I love it! 

We are going to need a new paper towel holder. Our old one went under a cabinet and was from Ballard Design. In the new kitchen, it makes more sense to have one that stands up by the sink, there won't be a cabinet there to put one under. 

kitchen wants


currently loving: fall fashion

fall love list

Just a few items that I'm currently loving! I am enjoying this fall weather so much and want to add a few practical pieces to my wardrobe. I would wear any of those dresses all fall with boots and/or a vest. And the tops are perfect for leggings and boots! 

I think I'm going to order the top left dress from Anthro to try for my 10 year high school reunion next weekend, I think it would look so fun with some fringe booties! What do you think?


five on friday: october 3

So excited to be joining up with Natasha, April, Christina and Darci this Friday!

one. Wednesday night I went to Pink Pint Night in support of Breast Cancer Awareness! I used to work at Charlotte Radiology and they do a great job of promoting awareness for breast cancer. 

two. Got my first mani/pedi with fall nail colors this week! I got OPI's "Steady As She Rose" on my fingernails and Essie's "The Perfect Coverup" on my toes. I will say I like both colors, but Steady As She Rose isn't as pinky as I thought it would be, it looks more gray/taupe and The Perfect Coverup looks almost black when looking down at it. If you're in Charlotte, I always see Blake at Polished, the one on Fairview by Whole Foods. 

three. I don't have too much planned for this weekend because we still have SO MUCH stuff to pack up in the kitchen before the renovations start. Sunday we are going to Clemmons to see family, so we need to get it done before we go.  I want to try and make time to get a pumpkin and would love to see the movie Gone Girl.

four. My friend (and fellow LSJ stylist) Christy and her brother just published a children's book! Its called ABC Charlotte. From their website: "ABC Charlotte is a journey through the Queen City, intended for readers of all ages. Join us as we explore the destinations and events that make Charlotte, North Carolina a great place to visit and an even better place to live! Find local museums, festivals, sporting events, nature reprieves, and entertainment spots that keep Charlotte alive and thriving. We hope you will enjoy reading through this beautiful city again and again…and maybe even learn something new along the way!"
I already purchased one for my future, unborn, not yet conceived child because it is so cute! Buy it here. 

five. This is on my must purchase list! I need at least 2 bottles- one to drink, one to keep.

Half of the proceeds go to end childhood hunger.

World Food Program USA (WFP USA) works to solve global hunger, building a world where everyone has the food and nutrition needed to lead healthy, productive lives. The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide, reaching more than 97 million people in 80 countries with food assistance last year. World Food Program USA builds support for WFP through fundraising, advocacy and education in the United States.

Happy Friday y'all!!