random thoughts on thursday

This post is alllll over the place!! :) 

one. I love this video going around:

Makes me miss crazy college days!

two. We went to the Panthers game this past Sunday and had a great time! BUT, man, they are strict on this new purse rule. My friend's purse was tiny, totally fit in the square, but going in the said it was just slightly too big so we had to take it back to the car. Girls were dumping stuff into clear bags and throwing out purses. Super frustrating, they should definitely clarify these new rules.

three. Excited for the Wit & Delight line at Target. Planning to pick up a few items- like the beer bottle opener (here), pentagon candles (here), and metallic cards (here).

four. In love with this top I picked up at Anthropologie! Wore it two days in a row this weekend...

five. Must read article: There is nothing selfish about suicide

six. This video is SO true. 

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  1. That video was hilarious! We fight about all those things but the roles are switched. I'm the loud chewer and he puts the toilet paper on wrong. Loving the Wit & Delight line!

  2. That video is hilarious of the couples fights because they are all way too true!!