floral fun

(vase- old from Target, by Nate Berkus; similar one here)

Flowers are my favorite way to freshen up my home! I always tease Dave that he never gets me enough flowers...and its true. So I just buy them for myself! :)

In the summer I like to go to the Kings Drive Farmers Market and get a big bunch for $15-$25 and then split it up into smaller bunches around the house. If the market isn't open, I go to our local Harris Teeter and raid the 3 for $12 section.  I really like to mix and match myself! Sometimes I do all white, other times I add pops of colors.  You can really make a nice arrangement for just $12. 

I love using a fun, bold vase like this gold one from Target. I also like this small white one- you could do a few of them together to make a statement.

these were $12 from Harris Teeter!

I've thought about taking a floral arranging class- has anyone ever done that?

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  1. I love having fresh flowers in my house. Theo never buys them for me which is fine because he'd probably only bring home the only flower he knows, roses and I like variety!