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I need help deciding what bag to get next! I love a new purse.  I made myself a work goal and said when I reached it I would get a LV. However, now I've reached the goal, but I'm not sure I can pull the trigger spending that much on one bag! This is the one I've always wanted, but then I decided on this one, though I still like the Neverfull.

But now I'm reconsidering it all together.  I've always wanted a Chanel bag, but those are even more expensive! I also love Balenciaga and Chloe bags.  So should I go big and spend more for something different than LV? Or spend less....and maybe get 2 or more bags for the price of one?!  I've always liked this Marc Jacobs bag.  I already have two Tory Burch purses that I love and a Kate Spade one that I love so I know that I want a different brand.

Here are some that I'm loving if I went BIG:

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And here are some that I'm loving if I didn't go as big:

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What would you DO?! Do you have a fancy bag that you love and thing was worth it?!


  1. You sound like me. My dream purse is the LV Neverfull but I know that when the time comes for me to get it I'll have second thoughts and might want down thing else. The LV bag is timeless though. I had a Speedy bag awhile back and ended up selling it on ebay bc it wasn't practical. You had to carry it in the crutch of your arm so you were only left with one arm to do anything with. So the one with the long strap would be better. But I say get the Neverfull personally!

    Life as I know it

    1. I definitely think it's timeless!! And the never full seems more practical. Ahhh #issues haha!

  2. I have a neverfull and a speedy but use my neverfull way more. The speedy just isn't practical for me and all the crap I carry around in my handbags so it spends a lot of time on my shelf. My neverfull on the other hand is one of my favorites. I've had mine for 2.5 years and it's still in great condition. I use it all the time. My only complaint is that the straps are really thin so if the bag is really heavy it will dig into your shoulders. The one nice thing about getting an LV is that you know it won't ever go out of style. Another one to look at is the LV Totally-similar to the neverfull but with nicer straps and a zip top

  3. Love your picks, all of them! For me it would be the LV Neverfull followed by the Chanel!
    Abbi x

  4. Love the LV neverfull!! I have a similar version LV I used as a diaper bag and now laptop bag.