fall wishlist

Summer used to be my favorite time of year. I think because school was out and I got to spend so much time at the beach! Now that I am older, I like summer but LOVE fall.  Fall in the south is great because it isn't too cold. It gets cool enough to wear jeans and a short sleeve shirt at first and then soon you can wear leggings, boots and an oversize sweater, but no coat. 

We finished our outdoor fireplace in early spring, so we got to use it some, but not a ton. The few times we used it, I loved it.  Dave & I would sit and eat dinner out there or just have drinks.  I am so excited to use it all the time this fall! Fall to me also means oysters. And I love oysters!

I also love wearing leggings and an oversize sweat or shirt with a fur vest. It is my all time favorite outfit! I also like wearing a short dress with long sleeves with boots.  So of course, I've already started looking for some new fall clothes.

On my fall wish list:
1) brown boots & booties
2) comfy cardigan
3) fur vest (I checked this off at Scout & Molly's of Charlotte! It was just $60!)
4) plum or purple colored skinny jeans
5) long sleeved dress

What do you love most for fall?

fall wishlist

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  1. Love everything on your wish list- especially that sweater!! I used to love summer too but I'm definitely becoming more of a fall person each year