friday randoms

A few random thoughts from me on this Friday!

one. If you live in Charlotte, you need to hurry to Reid's (on Selwyn Ave) and get their honey dijon/poppyseed dressing chicken! I've had this before, but totally forgot how much I love it.  We had it Wednesday night and I ate leftovers for lunch Thursday AND bought more Thursday.  I am a picky chicken eater and this is a sure way to get me to eat chicken!

two. I think I picked my purse!! So after this post, I had decided on the blue Marc Jacobs bag.  But I still kept looking. Now I'm pretty sure I am in love with this bag from Tory Burch. Must have. Must buy today. And I can get 25% off with their Labor Day sale!

three. I splurged on my first pair of Ray Bans! I have wanted these for months...saw them, tried them on, had to get them.  I never just impulse buy something like that....but I've "been good" recently so it was a little treat! :)

four. I got to babysit my sweet little niece Natalie this week! She is still so tiny and just melts my heart.

five. Monday my friend Merriweather came over to model some necklaces for me for the website! It was so fun and ended with an impromptu dinner at Cowfish with our hubbies.

Ethiopian Brass Cross $78

Scout & Molly's of Charlotte let me borrow some fall items for the shoot! If you're in Charlotte, you must check out their new stuff. Amazing fall items, great prices and the best customer service. 

sixPoppy Style Labor Day sale! All of these bangles are $20 each until Monday at midnight. HOWEVER there are limited quantities!! So order soon! 

Email madeline@shoppoppystyle.com tor purchase or comment on the photo on Instagram.


a new planner

Y'all were so helpful with suggestions about my new bag, I had to do the same thing for my new planner!! I love back to school time- the start of fall, the feel of a fresh start...even though I haven't been in school for a long time.  I like to buy my planners in August instead of January for some reason.  

This is the one I've had since last August:

I loved all the space it had and the size of it. But I didn't love the 3 ring part. It was hard to write on Tuesday because of it.....and I think I'm going to keep having that issue. 

Here are a few I'm debating:

The MyAgenda in gold or leopard 

Mint & Gold Confetti Planner (here):

This (Gold 1014 Planner from Paper Source) one seems very similar to the MyAgenda, but a bit less expensive and doesn't start until January:

Obviously I've heard of Emily Ley's Simplified Planner & Whitney English's Day Designer. But they both have the ring binder that I don't think I like.  Does anyone have one and recommend it?? Or any other favorite ones that I'm missing?!


fall wishlist

Summer used to be my favorite time of year. I think because school was out and I got to spend so much time at the beach! Now that I am older, I like summer but LOVE fall.  Fall in the south is great because it isn't too cold. It gets cool enough to wear jeans and a short sleeve shirt at first and then soon you can wear leggings, boots and an oversize sweater, but no coat. 

We finished our outdoor fireplace in early spring, so we got to use it some, but not a ton. The few times we used it, I loved it.  Dave & I would sit and eat dinner out there or just have drinks.  I am so excited to use it all the time this fall! Fall to me also means oysters. And I love oysters!

I also love wearing leggings and an oversize sweat or shirt with a fur vest. It is my all time favorite outfit! I also like wearing a short dress with long sleeves with boots.  So of course, I've already started looking for some new fall clothes.

On my fall wish list:
1) brown boots & booties
2) comfy cardigan
3) fur vest (I checked this off at Scout & Molly's of Charlotte! It was just $60!)
4) plum or purple colored skinny jeans
5) long sleeved dress

What do you love most for fall?

fall wishlist


thoughts on thursday

Linking up with Natalie & Annie today!

Thoughts for Thursday

I spent the last 3 days on jury duty. It was for a malpractice suit.  The whole time was just spent questioning the potential jurors and trying to fill the seats. I was one of the last called and questioned for one of the last seats. But they excused me without cause after 30 minutes of interrogation! I like to think I am too smart to be a juror :)  I LOVE crime shows, law shows, etc. So I wasn't completely opposed to serving on the jury, except that the trial could last 2 and a half weeks! There were definitely boring parts to it. But overall I found it interesting. It was my first time in a court room. I got to hear a little of both sides, see a plaintiff, hear questions, etc.  I got to see part of the process up close and personal! I can't wait to follow along with the case and see what happens. 

That being said, after 3 unexpected days out of the office I am slammed today with work! But I love what I do and am happy to get busy today. I'm planning an end of summer sale soon, so be sure to follow Poppy Style on Instagram to see it.

I am also looking for a fall intern! If you are in the Charlotte area or know someone who is please send them this info! It is UNPAID however, just FYI.  Flexible hours, loose schedule, lots of fun and great perks.  They can send a resume to madeline@shoppoppystyle.com. 

I think I have decided which purse to get! If you missed Monday's post, I blogged about my oh so serious internal debate about which bag to buy.  I think I want this one! In blue! 

Dave & I visited the new Charlotte outlets last night. Not impressed at all! We went in Michael Kors so I could look at the watches, they were retail price. No deals. J.Crew Factory also seemed pricey for everything I liked.  Maybe when they have big sales it will be worth it.

Tomorrow on the blog I'll be sharing some of my fall must haves. Can't wait to hear what yours are too! 


new bag

I need help deciding what bag to get next! I love a new purse.  I made myself a work goal and said when I reached it I would get a LV. However, now I've reached the goal, but I'm not sure I can pull the trigger spending that much on one bag! This is the one I've always wanted, but then I decided on this one, though I still like the Neverfull.

But now I'm reconsidering it all together.  I've always wanted a Chanel bag, but those are even more expensive! I also love Balenciaga and Chloe bags.  So should I go big and spend more for something different than LV? Or spend less....and maybe get 2 or more bags for the price of one?!  I've always liked this Marc Jacobs bag.  I already have two Tory Burch purses that I love and a Kate Spade one that I love so I know that I want a different brand.

Here are some that I'm loving if I went BIG:

(click for links)

And here are some that I'm loving if I didn't go as big:

(click for links)

What would you DO?! Do you have a fancy bag that you love and thing was worth it?!