thoughts on thursday

I feel like this week is flying by! I have been super busy with work, trying to get all ready for the trunk show this Saturday.  My interns have been a huge help- SO thankful for them!! I hope some of you can make the trunk show at Lipp!

Today I'm hoping to take a little break and head to the mall.  I have no idea what to wear Saturday! Here are some tops I'm considering, all from Anthropolgie:


(click photo to view at Anthro)

I've recently discovered the show Suits and am obsessed.  I can't stop watching it! So glad we have Amazon Prime so I was able to start on Season 1 and watch it all for free. It also makes me wish I was a lawyer!

My sister-in-law's due date is quickly approaching! I am so excited to meet my little niece.  I had a baby shower for her a week ago and will share the pictures soon.  

That's all for today! :) Hope everyone has a great Thursday & great weekend!

Thoughts for Thursday


  1. I don't think I realized you were local! If we weren't going out of town for a wedding I would try to make the trunk show! I love those bangles! Hope you make it out to the mall - I'd love to see what you find!

  2. Suits is one of my absolute favorite shows on TV!!! I love those boys :) Hope your trunk show went well!! I need to make a purchase in your store soon. I love everything. Thanks for linking up with Natalie and I!!

  3. Hope you had a great trunk show!! Love all of those tops from anthro- per usual!