monograms & mimosas shower

Sorry for the lack of posts!!! Work has been busy busy busy!  I can't believe I haven't shared photos from the Monograms & Mimosas Shower that we threw for my bestie in June!

ham sandwiches-- my fav! and shrimp cocktail!

the best pimento cheese (palmetto) with veggies

Gigi's Cupcakes- YUM!

chocolate covered strawberries & fruit skewers

I made deviled eggs for the first time and thought they turned out great! Not as pretty as some, but very tasty.

The Bar Set Up


We served champagne with the juice of orange juice, peach nectar or watermelon juice. I made the watermelon juice myself- very easy and so delicious!

Family & Friends
college friends

high school friends

Caroline with her future MIL & stepmother

Caroline with her future MIL & SIL

It was such a fun day! I can't wait for the bachelorette & most importantly the wedding!


  1. Beautiful party! The cupcakes look delicious and deviled eggs aren't easy - I'm impressed!!

  2. It seems like a lot of fun was had by everyone in this Monograms & Mimosas Shower!! All of these photos are just so great! It clearly looks like everyone had a stunning time in this bash. I am going to host such a cute surprise bridal shower for my cousin and will be hosting the prettiest indoor NYC venues for that.