friday five: june 13

Happy Friday y'all!! What a week this has been! It was possibly one of my best/favorite weeks ever in work! Lots of exciting news coming for Poppy Style :)  So with that said, this Friday Five is all about Poppy Style!

one. I am so excited to have 2 interns this summer! Lea started this week and Brittney will start next week.  As things are getting busier each day, it is going to be a HUGE help to have extra hands.


two. Poppy Style will be in some new stores starting at the end of next week! Be sure to check out Savvy in Greenville and Simply Meg's in Greensboro.  I'll share more as I get orders shipped out!  If you happen to be in the Nantucket area check out In the Pink- they have lots of bangles!

three. Our website is getting fixed up- finally.  I love websites and am super critical of them at times because of my past jobs. So knowing that mine is not the way I want it, is super frustrating.  I am open to any tips or suggestions from any of you!

four. We have a big trunk show on July 12! It will be in the Birkdale area and I will share more soon.

five. I'll leave y'all with some photos of new pieces!





Hope everyone has a great weekend...and didn't mind my totally work related post today :)


  1. Congratulations on all the wonderful Poppy News!! Have a great weekend!

  2. Yay for interns and new pieces! xoxo

  3. Absolutely LOVEE the red tassel necklace!! Such exciting Poppy news!!

  4. Stopping by from the link up and your pieces are just beautiful! I'm loving the tassel necklace like a LOT!

  5. All of your jewelry is so stinkin' cute!! And Yay for interns!
    Also... I don't know about you, but I've been super bummed about missing five on Friday for the summer. If you're interested my friend Karli {september FARM} and I {the farmer's wife} are starting up a link-up "oh hey, friday!" with the exact same outline and would love for you to join us tomorrow or any Friday! Hope to see you there.