thoughts on thursday

Thoughts for Thursday

I hope everyone has had a great week so far! I am so glad it is Thursday, I'm ready for the weekend!!  Here are a few random thoughts on this Thursday...

I am so excited that my new niece will be here SO soon! I went to a shower for her last weekend and am throwing one next weekend. It makes me giddy to see all the cute little girl outfits and tiny little things.  

While trying to run errands as quickly as possible yesterday, I realized I can have very little patience.  I was trying to walk out of Target with my cart and someone just stopped right in the middle of the doorway and stood there reading something on their phone. For some reason it REALLY annoyed me! And then I kept getting stuck behind slow cars in the parking lot that were trying to wait for people to leave.  

My best friend comes to town tonight and is staying for OVER A WEEK! We have lots of fun filled wedding activities on the calendar.

Does anyone else get really sad when you see something you are dying to have and it is in your size and you are ready to buy it, but then it doesn't fit?  This happened this week. A dress was my size and looked like it would fit, but was totally too tight. Which means my diet/no exercise plan isn't working. 

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Since I'm throwing a bridal shower this weekend and work has been so BUSY, I splurged and had our cleaning lady come.  She cleans my sister's and dad's houses regularly but I just get her once in awhile.  The house looks and smells amazing. I hope to keep it this way for awhile!

I will leave y'all with one of my favorite quotes/thoughts...

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friday five: june 13

Happy Friday y'all!! What a week this has been! It was possibly one of my best/favorite weeks ever in work! Lots of exciting news coming for Poppy Style :)  So with that said, this Friday Five is all about Poppy Style!

one. I am so excited to have 2 interns this summer! Lea started this week and Brittney will start next week.  As things are getting busier each day, it is going to be a HUGE help to have extra hands.


two. Poppy Style will be in some new stores starting at the end of next week! Be sure to check out Savvy in Greenville and Simply Meg's in Greensboro.  I'll share more as I get orders shipped out!  If you happen to be in the Nantucket area check out In the Pink- they have lots of bangles!

three. Our website is getting fixed up- finally.  I love websites and am super critical of them at times because of my past jobs. So knowing that mine is not the way I want it, is super frustrating.  I am open to any tips or suggestions from any of you!

four. We have a big trunk show on July 12! It will be in the Birkdale area and I will share more soon.

five. I'll leave y'all with some photos of new pieces!





Hope everyone has a great weekend...and didn't mind my totally work related post today :)


Poppy's Birthday Recap

I love any excuse to throw a party! So when Poppy was turning 5 I knew I had to do something! What better reason to have all of my friends over for some cocktails and cupcakes?

Hollins is ready for the party!

Poppy's BFF Hollins

Special bow by our friend Shannon at My Eclectic Style



sweet Hollins & my sister
necklace by Poppy Style



doggy pie!

Poppy's friend Annie

the happy birthday girl!

sweet friends

the best family photo we could get!

her cousin Penny!


Poppy was jealous that her daddy was holding Annie!

So thankful for all of our friends & family that came and didn't make me feel crazy :)