poppy is 5!

Today is Poppy's 5th birthday! Time sure has flown by and so much has changed since I got her.  I rescued Poppy in August of 2009, just 3 weeks after I bought my first condo.  It was my first time living alone and I had been wanting a puppy for years, so it seemed like the perfect time. And it was! So many people worry about having a dog in an apartment or condo, but we loved it.  Poppy is not as active as some dogs, she is pretty lazy and laid back.  She was just 10 pounds when I got her and now she is just over 50-- a little bigger than I thought she'd be!  

Poppy is truly my bff and daughter. Its cheesy, but I am so thankful for her.  I can always count on her snuggles and kisses to cheer me up.  She always keeps me company.  She is extremely loyal and oh so lovable. I can't wait to celebrate her tonight- yes I am having a party!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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