thoughts on thursday

Be prepared for random!

Since we had a ton of family in ton this past weekend, I spent a lot of last week cleaning up.  I was really impressed (sad...) with myself! But now it is starting to get messy again.  I feel like I am working every day to keep it clean.  It is just two of us (+ Poppy)! How can it be so hard?  I blame my sweet hubby.  He leaves a mess everywhere....  But then again I'm not perfect.  I probably have 3 pairs of shoes in the living room right now.  I also don't know how we go through SO many cups and dishes.  Drives me nuts.  I hope other people have this problem and it isn't just me.

Our Keurig broke this weekend.  I never realized how much I loved it until now.  I don't even drink coffee every morning, but now it is all I want! I miss it.  But I hate the idea of shelling out money for a new one.  But I think we are going to do it.  I picked this one out and really like that it is white!

Tonight we plan to go to a Knights game! It will be our first time seeing the new stadium and I am pumped.  I have heard it is awesome and so much fun.  And the weather is supposed to be perfect tonight.

Today is the last day of the Piperlime sale. I really (REALLY!) want these jeans.  But since we are on a budget I'm just not sure I can (should) do it.  


Happy Birthday to my amazing brother in law who doesn't read my blog or probably know I have a blog!  Allen has been in my life since I was 11 (over half my life now by a good bit).  I honestly feel like he is my real brother. I am completely myself with him, I can talk to him about anything, he is always there for me.  I feel so lucky to have him! If you're reading this Allen, I love you!!


  1. Love the relationship you have with your BIL - I have a very similar one and since I don't have a real brother makes it awesome!! Trust me you're not alone in the cleaning or dishes departments...it;s just the two of us and I still feel like I feed an army and have the dishes to prove it! BTW I'm wearing the bracelets today and already got a ton of compliments!!

  2. What a sweet birthday mention for your BIL!

  3. A white Keurig?! I had no idea they made those!! I need one. What a sweet relationship with your BIL!