take me away to charleston

I am so ready for a vacation...anyone else? I don't need anything fancy or long...just a little weekend getaway.  Charleston would be perfect.  Now, of course, I wouldn't turn down a week long tropical vacation...but I'm not going to be picky.

Charleston is a short drive away and has just what I need- great food, shopping and views!  And I would happily take this trip with my hubby or a bunch of girlfriends.  

Some of my favorite places in Charleston:
The Vendue 
Pavillion Bar 
Copper Penny
Finicky Filly
Folly Beach 
Andrew Pinckney Inn
Groucho's Deli 
....and pretty much any place on King Street!   



  1. Charleston is one of my favorite places! I need a vacation too, I just want to be somewhere warm at this point!

  2. I've lived in Charleston my whole life and I swear I've never heard so many ppl rave about it till I started blogging! Bloggers love Charleston! To me it's just home so it always makes me laugh!

  3. I love this! My bf and I are talking about going there for our anniversary this summer because he has never been. I am going to write down your places to go!