friday five: april 4

Happy Friday y'all!! It has been a gorgeous week and I'm looking forward to a gorgeous weekend.

one. MY BEST FRIEND IS COMING TO TOWN! It was a last minute work trip and it has made my week! It will be a short visit, but a little bit is better than nothing.

two. My sister is starting a blog! I can't wait to share it with y'all- you'll love it. She has amazing recipes, funny kid stories and incredible parties to share.  However, we ran into an issue. We LOST her first blog! It was all about Hollins' first birthday with tons of photos and links.  We saved it over and over and suddenly it is gone. Anyone else ever have this happen!?

three. Kale Quinoa Salad from Laurel Market...best salad ever! It is tasty, filling and healthy. If you are in Charlotte you have to go try it.  I'm trying to convince my sister to recreate it for me. It seems similar to this recipe.

four. Scout & Molly's- my fav local boutique- has the cutest dresses ever! 

I got the short sleeve, solid black and the black & white stripe.  They are super cute! And are only $32-$40! A little short on me, but great for throwing on to run errands or over a bathing suit at the pool/lake.  They don't sell online but you can call them to order over the phone! Here is their Facebook page with all the info! Disclaimer: I also love them because I used to work there years ago and because they were the first to sell Poppy Style! Megan, the owner and model in the photos, is the sweetest!!

five. Dave and I got to spend time with one of our favorite couples last night and visit with their adorable little ones! I could just eat them up!