new la senorita jolie

Spring is finally here and I am putting away all of my sweaters and coats and pulling out my tanks and shorts.

La Senorita Jolie has some awesome new pieces out! I am hosting a trunk show tonight (7-9pm) and tomorrow (10am-1pm) in Charlotte if anyone is interested in stopping by.  Just email me for the address!  I am also donating ALL of my commission to Libby Jones, a brave 3 year old battling leukemia. You can read her CaringBridge by clicking here.  If you can't make the show, but want to support Libby (and get some cute clothes) use the code LSJ-MH-FS at checkout by May 1!

Here are a few of my favorites:

This is a skirt & dress in one- can't beat that!




and for chilly spring nights I love this scarf!

What are your favs?
Contact me if you want to host a show or want more information on becoming an LSJ stylist!


thoughts on thursday

Be prepared for random!

Since we had a ton of family in ton this past weekend, I spent a lot of last week cleaning up.  I was really impressed (sad...) with myself! But now it is starting to get messy again.  I feel like I am working every day to keep it clean.  It is just two of us (+ Poppy)! How can it be so hard?  I blame my sweet hubby.  He leaves a mess everywhere....  But then again I'm not perfect.  I probably have 3 pairs of shoes in the living room right now.  I also don't know how we go through SO many cups and dishes.  Drives me nuts.  I hope other people have this problem and it isn't just me.

Our Keurig broke this weekend.  I never realized how much I loved it until now.  I don't even drink coffee every morning, but now it is all I want! I miss it.  But I hate the idea of shelling out money for a new one.  But I think we are going to do it.  I picked this one out and really like that it is white!

Tonight we plan to go to a Knights game! It will be our first time seeing the new stadium and I am pumped.  I have heard it is awesome and so much fun.  And the weather is supposed to be perfect tonight.

Today is the last day of the Piperlime sale. I really (REALLY!) want these jeans.  But since we are on a budget I'm just not sure I can (should) do it.  


Happy Birthday to my amazing brother in law who doesn't read my blog or probably know I have a blog!  Allen has been in my life since I was 11 (over half my life now by a good bit).  I honestly feel like he is my real brother. I am completely myself with him, I can talk to him about anything, he is always there for me.  I feel so lucky to have him! If you're reading this Allen, I love you!!


they're married!

The wedding we went to last weekend was SO much fun! I just love everything about weddings.

Friday I attended a gorgeous luncheon at Longview Country Club.  Then that evening we continued celebrating at Belle Acres.


we love them!
Saturday was the big day and the weather was perfect!  I had the best time getting ready with Elizabeth and the girls.  She had my favorite LRT doing hair + make up (she did my wedding too!). 


The flowers were stunning.  I loved all the green and white.


The food was delicious- they had all the oysters I could eat!!

But I loved the ceremony most.  It was so special to see Joe & Elizabeth tie the knot.  

A close up of the earrings I did for the bridesmaids! 


Misc pics!



Easter Weekend

I started Easter weekend on Friday shopping at the farmer's market! I LOVE this season, they have the best fruit and veggies and gorgeous flowers for a great price.


Friday night (before the rain!) I had a mini egg hunt for my nephews and niece. We did these ALL the time when I was growing up and I love continuing the tradition.  

After finding all the eggs and enjoying their pizza, they got some iPad time so the adults could chit chat! :)

Jackson loves showing his games to Nolan and Dave
 Nat loves our bed!

Saturday we had Dave's family over for lunch. Sadly I didn't get any pictures of us! Just of food...

Saturday night my family had dinner at Upstream- one our favorite places to get lots of appetizers and drinks.

Sunday we attended church at MPUMC, followed by brunch at Carmel Country Club!

My little princess wasn't feeling well this weekend, so she wasn't herself, but still adorable!


It was a great weekend, filled with lots of family! I was most excited that my Uncle Duncan, Aunt Kristen and cousin Nolan came up from Atlanta!!


currently wishing for...

Here are a few things I'm LOVING that I would buy if I weren't on a budget! :)

I've been wanting a portable phone charger for awhile now and this one is so cute!

How fun is this speaker?!

I've been admiring Ashley Brooke Designs' mugs for months...I would snatch one up in a heartbeat if I weren't budgeting and cutting back on unnecessary items. And I think that tank is so cute!


I love this little throw pillow! I have a whole post on my love for throw pillows coming soon...