wednesday randoms

We had a great weekend! My little princess turned 2 and had the cutest birthday party.  Dave and I spent plenty of time in front of the fire enjoying the weather.  Sunday we went to church and I spent the afternoon babysitting the little princess. We also got to visit the cutest little newborn baby, Colin! I loved every second I got to hold him. 


My jewelry is now in Scout & Molly's of Charlotte, Belle & Co in Wilson, NC and a few others are adding it this week! It makes me so happy and excited.

Speaking of Poppy Style, I am working on some rebranding that also makes me so happy and excited! I love picking fonts, styles, colors, themes, etc.  I can't wait to reveal it.

And I am still looking for an intern! I put my sister to work yesterday, but really need someone to help in the office, not just with making pieces.  Please spread the word!

TV Shows...I forgot how much the show Flipping Out makes me laugh. Like I can't stand it laughing.

Speaking of shows....Southern Charm...is not southern charm.  Also, Scandal has gotten crazy! I can't believe all that has happened. Nashville is still my favorite ever! 

I bought this skirt, but then remembered I'm on a budget so it is going back. :(

Here is a glimpse of my desk...making me happy this morning...

And I think that is enough random for today


  1. So exciting that poppy style is in more stores! Yay! Scandal is soo good right now and I need to catch up Nashville so badly but I've been loving it! Flipping out is the best I just love Jeff so much.

  2. The jewelry you make is gorgeous! I especially love the bangles. Congrats on new stores carrying your designs, that's exciting! As for Southern Charm, I agree that show is horrible. I feel like Charleston is such a classy city and that show is anything but.