thursday confessions

I meant to do this yesterday and link up with Kathy, but here I am today!

I'm starting out small and general sharing weird/odd facts about me... :)

one. I hate to wash my hair, dry shampoo is my best friend.

two. I fall asleep to the TV every single night. I know research says all that stuff about detaching from electronics before bed, but I just can't.

three. I have a diet dr. pepper every single morning. Again, I know it is bad, but I can't stop.

four. I take 2-3 bottles/cups of water to bed with me every night...I have a fear of waking up thirsty and having to go get water.  And sometimes I do run out...

five. I hate to work out.  I really do. Dread it. When I do work out, I make sure to snap chat a picture or share it on Instagram so people know that I worked out.

six. I hate doing laundry and probably wear my clothes a few too many times between washings.

seven. I watch an unhealthy amount of TV. I laugh when I hear people say they don't watch TV...

eight. I'm worried about spring. I love spring. But I have really been enjoying my stretchy black leggings all winter.  I will miss those....Elastic waist bands are amazing.

nine. I could eat Kraft mac'n'cheese for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Maybe that is way I love my elastic waist band pants...

ten. I wish my bedside table looked like all the ones I see on Pinterest...but it doesn't. It is covered in things (including my water bottles).

Reading through these it seems like I have a fairly "unhealthy" lifestyle.... whoops!