friday five: march 7

Busy day today (due to lack of business yesterday- see number one) so I'm jumping right in!

one.  Front Row Charlotte was this past Wednesday night and it was so.much.fun. We are talking fun like I was in bed/on the couch most of Thursday.  Erica Hanks did an incredible job! If you are in Charlotte, you must go next time.  Tickets sell out fast, like within 5 days.  Everyone gets a front row seat, which I loved. AND they raised $10,000 for Baby Bundles!

image via Front Row Charlotte

I also really liked seeing everyone's outfits! Some were amazing...some amazingly bad (in my opinion).  I wore this Lilly Pulitzer top and a black coated pants (Paige) and of course fun jewelry.  I treated myself to a blow out at Blo beforehand! I loved my sister's outfit (and my friends')!

Shawna & my sister Josephine
me & Allison
Converse Roberts, me, Jen Dixon (with La Senorita Jolie!)

two.  Our outdoor fireplace is done and ready to use! Can't wait to use it this weekend when we have friends over to grill out Saturday.

three. What is everyone giving up for lent? I still haven't decided! Whoops....

four.  I am throwing a shower this June for my bff who is getting married September 6, 2014 and I am so excited to start planning! We have a cute theme- can't share it yet since we want it to be a surprise until we send out invitations! I wish it was next week I'm so excited. 

just because I'm so excited!

five.We went to George's for a little Fat Tuesday celebration this past week and had the best time with my sister in law and brother in law!


amazing. i want more right now!

hope everyone has a great weekend!