drug store make up

Let's be honest. Make up can be expensive.  I think it is easier to buy it at a department store where they match you and tell you what color/type you need.  I love my Chanel make up.  But I need a back up.  Some days I don't put make up on until going to dinner that night or running errands.  And some days I can get away with just a tinted moisturizer (I love this one), but some days I'm having a bad face day and need a bit more.  I hate to waste my Chanel foundation on a few hours.  All this leads me to my topic.  I had a gift card to Target and I decided to use it on trying some new make up.  I did lots of research before I went and made a list.

I always buy mascara at the drug store, so I didn't need that. Though I do love this one and this one for when I want to splurge. 

I wanted to try foundation, concealer and blush/bronzer.  I checked out Kate's blog (The Small Things) and Cara's blog (Maskcara) for suggestions. 

I ended up with Maybelline Dream Matte foundation (here).  I honestly just thought it looked like fun to try.  Within the first few days I actually got a lot of compliments on my make up.  However, sometimes it is hard to put on and be sure I don't have a line.  I do like that it doesn't make my skin feel dry or cakey. It is very light, but has great coverage.

I got this Sonia Kashuk blush/bronzer combo.  I don't know if I love it right now, but I think I will this summer.

I picked up this concealer and like it so far! Very easy to use. Not heavy.  I just needed a little extra coverage under my eyes and where I have some random red spots that come and go. 

And I found my new favorite hairbrush! I love this Sonia Kashuk GOLD hairbrush. It is the best one I've owned in a long time and to top it off, it is GOLD!

What are your favorite drug store make up buys? I already have a few more that I want to try!


  1. Of course that brush is from Target....what don't they have? I'm totally a sucker for sparkly and gold things. May have to scoop that up at my next outing!

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