weekend review

We had a great weekend!

The highlight was Dave surprising me with tickets to see Mike Birbiglia.  We went downtown a little early and had a cocktail at E2 before the show.  It was SO funny and a much needed good laugh.  After we joined some friends for drinks and celebrated the soon to be Rossi's! I can't believe the wedding is less than two weeks away. 

bride and groom to be!

I started and finished the book for my book club, Eighteen Acres. I highly recommend it! It was so good. I'm eager to read the sequel.

And if you haven't seen this video of strangers kissing, you must watch. 

We also watched We're the Millers and Delivery Man this weekend. I have to say I enjoyed both! Lots of laughter for me this weekend :) And now its Monday, time to work, work, work!


friday five: march 28

one. We enjoyed an amazing family dinner at Ruth's Chris last night! It is my favorite steak house and one of my all time favorite restaurants. I always get the petite filet...with extra butter ;)  my dad was so sweet to take us and my sister and her husband. We also always get two sides of the sweet potato casserole!

two. this weekend two amazing friends of ours are getting married in New Orleans and I am so sad to be missing it! It suuuucks we aren't there (long story), but I wish them the best and can't wait to celebrate after the wedding!!

three. Spring needs to hurry up. I'm over the cold! I only like it to be cold if it is sunny out while being cold or snowing.

four. jcrew is having a great sale in stores! I just got the merino tunic in our store for $45 (including tax)! It was on sale, then 20% off sale and then another 25% off! Even on a budget I couldn't say no!

five. I got to spend a lot of time with my sister this week which I always enjoy. She helped me make new necklaces and gave me great ideas. While doing that I also got to see my niece and nephews lots! They are so cute and just melt my heart. I love their hugs and kisses! And listening to them do their homework cracks me up!

Linking up with the girls as usual this Friday!


wednesday randoms

We had a great weekend! My little princess turned 2 and had the cutest birthday party.  Dave and I spent plenty of time in front of the fire enjoying the weather.  Sunday we went to church and I spent the afternoon babysitting the little princess. We also got to visit the cutest little newborn baby, Colin! I loved every second I got to hold him. 


My jewelry is now in Scout & Molly's of Charlotte, Belle & Co in Wilson, NC and a few others are adding it this week! It makes me so happy and excited.

Speaking of Poppy Style, I am working on some rebranding that also makes me so happy and excited! I love picking fonts, styles, colors, themes, etc.  I can't wait to reveal it.

And I am still looking for an intern! I put my sister to work yesterday, but really need someone to help in the office, not just with making pieces.  Please spread the word!

TV Shows...I forgot how much the show Flipping Out makes me laugh. Like I can't stand it laughing.

Speaking of shows....Southern Charm...is not southern charm.  Also, Scandal has gotten crazy! I can't believe all that has happened. Nashville is still my favorite ever! 

I bought this skirt, but then remembered I'm on a budget so it is going back. :(

Here is a glimpse of my desk...making me happy this morning...

And I think that is enough random for today


monday favorites at ClassicallyB

Today I am sharing some of my favorite things over at ClassicallyB! Brittany is so sweet and I am so excited to be part of her series :)


thursday confessions

I meant to do this yesterday and link up with Kathy, but here I am today!

I'm starting out small and general sharing weird/odd facts about me... :)

one. I hate to wash my hair, dry shampoo is my best friend.

two. I fall asleep to the TV every single night. I know research says all that stuff about detaching from electronics before bed, but I just can't.

three. I have a diet dr. pepper every single morning. Again, I know it is bad, but I can't stop.

four. I take 2-3 bottles/cups of water to bed with me every night...I have a fear of waking up thirsty and having to go get water.  And sometimes I do run out...

five. I hate to work out.  I really do. Dread it. When I do work out, I make sure to snap chat a picture or share it on Instagram so people know that I worked out.

six. I hate doing laundry and probably wear my clothes a few too many times between washings.

seven. I watch an unhealthy amount of TV. I laugh when I hear people say they don't watch TV...

eight. I'm worried about spring. I love spring. But I have really been enjoying my stretchy black leggings all winter.  I will miss those....Elastic waist bands are amazing.

nine. I could eat Kraft mac'n'cheese for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Maybe that is way I love my elastic waist band pants...

ten. I wish my bedside table looked like all the ones I see on Pinterest...but it doesn't. It is covered in things (including my water bottles).

Reading through these it seems like I have a fairly "unhealthy" lifestyle.... whoops!


oh target

Target is my weakness. I am still working on budgeting- and not doing too badly! I haven't had any impromptu Target trips lately, which always helps.  But that might change. Have you seen the new Oh Joy! collection? I am swooning!

Here are some of my favs:

These goblets are so cute! I think they could have so many uses.  How cute would ice cream sundaes be in there?

I love pitchers. I think they are a fun and easy way to brighten up a table whether they are filled with water, tea or even flowers.


This confetti would be the perfect addition to a tablescape OR to a fun jewelry order!

 I would love to add this ice bucket to my bar cart!

What are your favorite items?


budgeting basics: part 2

I'm back with more tips! I feel like the more I write my tips, the more I instill them in myself... right?! :)

image via google
one. drugstore make up over Chanel.  Check out this post where I shared my new favorite make up found at your local drug store or Target.

two. poppy treats. I am guilty of buying Poppy way to many treats and toys.  I mean it sounds silly to say to cut back on this, but I realized I spending too much on miscellaneous Poppy things each month.  And normally they don't last.  So if you have a pet, don't cut back on the best food or vet care, but think about how much you spend on treats or toys. 

three. consign clothes.  I consigned clothes for the first time last summer/fall and made a few hundred dollars getting rid of stuff I never wore! So I want to do it again as spring is approaching.  Then take that extra money and either save it (like I should) or use it to buy something from my wish list.

four. make a spreadsheet.  We have a spreadsheet that has all of our bills and monthly/annual expenses in it.  This helps us know exactly what we have to pay each month.  You can also use this spreadsheet to track your wish lists, needs, etc.  Some people use Mint and I have tried it but always get overwhelmed with it.  I might start trying it again.

Hope these are helpful!

And if you want to do some spending today.... Poppy Style is having 17% off orders over $40! Use the code LUCKY at checkout!


drug store make up

Let's be honest. Make up can be expensive.  I think it is easier to buy it at a department store where they match you and tell you what color/type you need.  I love my Chanel make up.  But I need a back up.  Some days I don't put make up on until going to dinner that night or running errands.  And some days I can get away with just a tinted moisturizer (I love this one), but some days I'm having a bad face day and need a bit more.  I hate to waste my Chanel foundation on a few hours.  All this leads me to my topic.  I had a gift card to Target and I decided to use it on trying some new make up.  I did lots of research before I went and made a list.

I always buy mascara at the drug store, so I didn't need that. Though I do love this one and this one for when I want to splurge. 

I wanted to try foundation, concealer and blush/bronzer.  I checked out Kate's blog (The Small Things) and Cara's blog (Maskcara) for suggestions. 

I ended up with Maybelline Dream Matte foundation (here).  I honestly just thought it looked like fun to try.  Within the first few days I actually got a lot of compliments on my make up.  However, sometimes it is hard to put on and be sure I don't have a line.  I do like that it doesn't make my skin feel dry or cakey. It is very light, but has great coverage.

I got this Sonia Kashuk blush/bronzer combo.  I don't know if I love it right now, but I think I will this summer.

I picked up this concealer and like it so far! Very easy to use. Not heavy.  I just needed a little extra coverage under my eyes and where I have some random red spots that come and go. 

And I found my new favorite hairbrush! I love this Sonia Kashuk GOLD hairbrush. It is the best one I've owned in a long time and to top it off, it is GOLD!

What are your favorite drug store make up buys? I already have a few more that I want to try!


friday five: march 7

Busy day today (due to lack of business yesterday- see number one) so I'm jumping right in!

one.  Front Row Charlotte was this past Wednesday night and it was so.much.fun. We are talking fun like I was in bed/on the couch most of Thursday.  Erica Hanks did an incredible job! If you are in Charlotte, you must go next time.  Tickets sell out fast, like within 5 days.  Everyone gets a front row seat, which I loved. AND they raised $10,000 for Baby Bundles!

image via Front Row Charlotte

I also really liked seeing everyone's outfits! Some were amazing...some amazingly bad (in my opinion).  I wore this Lilly Pulitzer top and a black coated pants (Paige) and of course fun jewelry.  I treated myself to a blow out at Blo beforehand! I loved my sister's outfit (and my friends')!

Shawna & my sister Josephine
me & Allison
Converse Roberts, me, Jen Dixon (with La Senorita Jolie!)

two.  Our outdoor fireplace is done and ready to use! Can't wait to use it this weekend when we have friends over to grill out Saturday.

three. What is everyone giving up for lent? I still haven't decided! Whoops....

four.  I am throwing a shower this June for my bff who is getting married September 6, 2014 and I am so excited to start planning! We have a cute theme- can't share it yet since we want it to be a surprise until we send out invitations! I wish it was next week I'm so excited. 

just because I'm so excited!

five.We went to George's for a little Fat Tuesday celebration this past week and had the best time with my sister in law and brother in law!


amazing. i want more right now!

hope everyone has a great weekend!


one year

WOW! I can't believe that a year ago I quit my job (I still need to share that story) and started Poppy Style!  I am so thankful for my supportive husband who encouraged me and believes in me.

My first trunk show was March 6, 2013, my website launched May 1, 2013.  It has been an amazing year.  I am incredibly thankful to all of you who read my blog, have bought my jewelry, inspired me and been so supportive.

It is a dream come true to be able to say that I am a small business owner. I am a jewelry designer. I am an entrepreneur.  If this is your dream, go for it

It hasn't been easy, but it has been worth it.  I still have a long road ahead of me to get exactly where I want to be. But I will get there.  It takes time, energy, perseverance and so much more. 

A HUGE thanks and CHEERS to all of y'all!