want awesome clothes and extra money?

As many of you know, I am a stylist for La Senorita Jolie.  LSJ is an awesome new line started in Charlotte, NC. 

Founder/Creator, Jennifer Dixon, is awesome.  She is from Charlotte and lives here currently.  She found that most women tend to spend more time in casual wear (namely simple tops) and most women would love to pursue a career on their own terms.  LSJ's goal is to create part-time and full-time jobs for fashion forward women.   
LSJ offers a curated collection of casual, affordable and chic garments to their shoppers in a fun "party-plan" environment.  Stylists earn commission on sales and the hostess earns free clothes, based on sales.  LSJ is a great way to make extra spending money, work part-time, or build a full-time flexible career.

Wearability, a great fit, washability, and versatility are essential components to any garments that are staple wardrobe pieces.  Consisting of cozy fabrics the clothes are all easy to wear, easy to pack, easy to layer and easiest to fall in love with. 
Some of my favorite things about LSJ is that there is no monthly fee, no mandatory monthly purchases, no outrageous goals to meet.  You can purchase your samples in your size, so you get to wear them!

If you are interested in joining my team please email me and we can chat further! It is a wonderful opportunity and a great time to join. 



  1. I seem to have way too many side job projects but I love the concept and the inventory :-)

    Meet @ the Barre

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