More Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Last week I shared what I would love for Valentine's Day, but I thought I'd share what I would GIVE for Valentine's day to friends, sisters, moms, etc.

I realize I've shared a lot about Valentine's Day gifts, which is funny because Dave and I don't really do gifts. I'm just happy with flowers and sharing a bottle of wine together while cooking a yummy dinner. We don't even normally go out for it.  But I do think it is nice to get a little surprise or something small.  Dave surprised me early with the t-shirt I mentioned in this post.  Just a sweet gesture. 

Ladies, you can also send this blog post to the man in your life and I am happy to help him get you the perfect little goody!

$34 each

La Senorita Jolie Scarves- these are SO soft and stylish. Any girl would be lucky to get one! See more of what LSJ has to offer here.

Use LSJ-MH-FS for free shipping! Contact me if you want it rushed.

Bangles- A simple way to give a girl some jewelry without spending a lot of money. Fun and fashionable. And they can be customized in size, stone, etc. See them all here.

Necklace- What girl wouldn't want a handmade, original necklace? These can also be customized- chain color, length, etc.  See more here and here or email me for more info.

(and yes this a shameless plug since these are companies I work for.... :) )


  1. Love it all, especially the Eller necklace!

    We do the same thing for Valentine's Day...I think having a romantic dinner in is much more intimate than being at some crowded, fancy restaurant!

  2. It's my birthday this week and then Vday next week so I think I might have to treat myself to some bangles! We don't really celebrate either- we sort of do a combo holiday for me :)!

  3. I adore that leopard print scarf! A perfect shameless plug! :)