girl crush: carole radziwill

I have to admit I am excited that RHONY is coming back on.  I have a major girl crush on Carole.  I mean, I think she is my role model.  Her new book (The Widow's Guide to Sex & Dating) came out Tuesday and I can't wait to get it.  You can visit her website here. And I suggest you do.

A few reasons I adore her:

1) I mean can you believe she is 50? I wish I looked that good now.


image via

2) She seems so honest and brave.  

3) She has written two books, one a NY Times best seller.  I truly admire authors, I think because I used to love writing as a child and always thought I wanted to be an author (random fact about me) but lost that urge at some point.

4) She is funny! 

inspired by Amanda at Meet Me at the Barre

5) She is smart. 

6) She has awesome style. 

7) I love this: "Most importantly, I follow my instinct. I’ve always followed my instinct - the feeling you have when something intangible is nudging you in one direction or another – and it’s as close as I come to a higher power. Here’s what I believe: Say Yes to what the universe puts in front of you, even when there’s no knowing how it will work out. Listen to your intuition with nothing less than awe. Don’t listen to those who judge you, quietly or not. Don’t listen to doubting whispers or negative self-talk, Who do you think you are? You’re a girl (or boy) with a dream, like me."  Consider me inspired.

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  1. I love Carole too! She's the only sane one on the show! Her book What Remains was really good. She's a great writer. Can't wait for RHONY!

  2. I love her so much! I hope i look like that at 35, much less 50.

    You have also inspired me to watch RHONY during this storm :) Yay for onDemand!

  3. Yeah thank you so much for my shout out!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

    How is this the first time I am hearing about her? She is straight up amazing. That body and I love her insight....oh I definitely need to get her book!

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