budgeting basics

I think from my previous post, everyone loves some budgeting tips!  Thank y'all for the feedback and support! Glad I am not alone.  I thought I'd share some things that I'm trying out...

one. a wish list.  Might sound funny to make a wish list while trying to budget, but it will keep me on track.  I'm making a list of everything (realistically) that I want.  Then when I have extra money or can treat myself, I purchase from the list. I don't impulse buy something. 
A few things on my wish list...
-new watch
-distressed jeans
-Ray Ban sunglasses
-a trip
-a dress (dresses...) for weddings and wedding events coming up this year

two. a need list.  Dave and I have a list of things that we "need" this year.  I quote need because to some people (and sometimes to me) they are more wishes.  Examples: a new car for me, renovate the kitchen...etc.

three.  cut back on eating out. This is HUGE for us. We love to eat out.  But recently we've been cutting back on it and we need to keep cutting back. We need to only eat out once a week, if that. 

four. watch grocery spending.  We sometimes spend too much at the grocery store and then sometimes food goes bad. Not good. We need to eat our leftovers in a timely fashion, avoid impulse buys and look for sales.  I don't think I'll ever be an extreme couponer, but it never hurts to compare prices and look for the best deal.

(images via google search)

five. a house list.  This is kind of like one and two.  We have a list of things we want to buy for the house or do to the house.  Again this list will keep us on track and help avoid impulses. 
-rugs for bedroom and living room
-outdoor fireplace (actually in the works now)
-kitchen renovation (so this is on two lists, makes it important :) )

I have more tips to share that will come over the next few weeks! Please keep your tips coming to me as well!


  1. I make a wish list every season to help me stay focused on what I really want instead of just buying a bunch of cheap crap. We are the WORST at letting food go bad from the grocery store- as annoying as it is we now go shopping once a week and only buy food for that week, at least the perishable stuff.

  2. This is such a good idea! I make lists for when I go shopping and try to stay focused on those items- it does help. Grocery spending is rough... I can't seem to keep our weekly grocery bill under $100 :(

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