friday five: february 28

Happy Friday loves!

one. March makes one year since I started Poppy Style! I am so excited and have much more to share next week. 

two. Tomorrow I'm running the Go Jen Go 5k! And I should probably specify that I won't be running...I will be doing my slow run/fast walk thing.  Jen's story is so touching, you can read more about her here.

three. I got the J.Crew Merino Tunic Sweater this week with a gift card from Christmas (budgeting).  I like it a lot- very soft.  The slits on the side are a lot higher than they look online, but they're fine. Definitely makes me want the Swing Sweater now.

four. I got my hair cut earlier this week and I love it! I went for a long bob, but angled longer in the front.  My hair girl Porcha is the best and always knows what I want.  Here is my hair inspiration.
five. Poppy's new dog bed came in and I think I'm more excited about it than she is! We are trying to not let her on the couch in the living room, so we got her a couch of her own.  We got this one from Coscto and love it.  Her bed in the bedroom is also from Costco and she loves it.



budgeting basics

I think from my previous post, everyone loves some budgeting tips!  Thank y'all for the feedback and support! Glad I am not alone.  I thought I'd share some things that I'm trying out...

one. a wish list.  Might sound funny to make a wish list while trying to budget, but it will keep me on track.  I'm making a list of everything (realistically) that I want.  Then when I have extra money or can treat myself, I purchase from the list. I don't impulse buy something. 
A few things on my wish list...
-new watch
-distressed jeans
-Ray Ban sunglasses
-a trip
-a dress (dresses...) for weddings and wedding events coming up this year

two. a need list.  Dave and I have a list of things that we "need" this year.  I quote need because to some people (and sometimes to me) they are more wishes.  Examples: a new car for me, renovate the kitchen...etc.

three.  cut back on eating out. This is HUGE for us. We love to eat out.  But recently we've been cutting back on it and we need to keep cutting back. We need to only eat out once a week, if that. 

four. watch grocery spending.  We sometimes spend too much at the grocery store and then sometimes food goes bad. Not good. We need to eat our leftovers in a timely fashion, avoid impulse buys and look for sales.  I don't think I'll ever be an extreme couponer, but it never hurts to compare prices and look for the best deal.

(images via google search)

five. a house list.  This is kind of like one and two.  We have a list of things we want to buy for the house or do to the house.  Again this list will keep us on track and help avoid impulses. 
-rugs for bedroom and living room
-outdoor fireplace (actually in the works now)
-kitchen renovation (so this is on two lists, makes it important :) )

I have more tips to share that will come over the next few weeks! Please keep your tips coming to me as well!


recipe: crockpot skinny cheese tortellini with sausage

I love this recipe! Super easy and so worth it.  I found this recipe through Pinterest. You can click here to see the full recipe from the Pinterest Wife.

  • 1 Crock pot liner (best thing ever invented)
  • 1 (19 oz) bag frozen cheese tortellini
  • 1 small bag of fresh spinach
  • 1 (14.5 oz) cans Italian style diced tomatoes, drained
  • 1 block (8 oz) fat free cream cheese
  • 1 lb chicken sausage (you could also use ground turkey)
  •  3 cups chicken broth (use 1-1 1/2 if you don’t want it as a soup)
  • 1 can mushrooms (optional)
  • 1 Tbsp. Oregano
  • 1 Tbsp. Basil
  • 1 Tbsp. Italian Seasoning

My tips:
  • Definitely don't overcook it (I think high for 2-2 1/2 hours is plenty)
  • I couldn't find frozen tortellini so I just used fresh from the refrigerated section.
  • You can probably add more spinach if you want.
  • I did use the mushrooms that were optional.
  • I cooked my sausage first even though you don't have to, we just like ours a little crispier.
  • I used the whole 3 cups of chicken broth and I didn't think it was that soupy- as you can see from the photos above.


friday five: february 21

Linking up with the ladies as usual this Friday!

one. I am looking for a pair of distressed jeans.  I have the hardest time finding jeans I love.  I have one pair of distressed jeans that are light that I got at Old Navy last summer. Now I want dark ones, but don't love the dark ones at Old Navy and the fit is so hard to figure out.  Hopefully I can find some at a store where I have a gift card! (see below)

two. Budgeting.  As I mentioned earlier this year, I am going to be working on budgeting.  This means using gift cards, not spending unnecessary money (ie Starkbucks, lunch out, etc), thinking about needs vs wants.  I don't have the perfect game plan or solution yet. So as I figure it out I'll share along the way! Advice welcome!

three. Yesterday was a gorgeous day! I took advantage of the weather and took Poppy for a long walk and then enjoyed dinner and drinks outside with a girlfriend at Selwyn Pub. As much as I loved the snow last week, I am getting excited for spring! Of course today we are having thunderstorms, so this southern weather is all over the place.

four. I am sad the Olympics are almost over.  I also can't believe we didn't get a medal in the women's skating last night!! I was also shocked that Yulia didn't medal. I think she is an incredible skater, I loved watching her.

five. I'm having a flash sale on my bangles! Hurry over to Poppy Style and take 15% off all bangles with the code flash15.

Have a great weekend y'all!


friday five: february 14

one. We are #TEAMTEDDY!  This story breaks my heart. I think its wonderful that everyone is spreading the word and raising awareness.

{picture coming soon!}

two. I LOVE snow!! Love it, love it! I have been fully enjoying these snow days that Charlotte has.  Dave has been home from work and that's been fun.  It is starting to clear up, but I wish it would snow just a little more. 





three. Happy Valentine's Day! I love holidays, any holiday. Dave made me pancakes this morning, so sweet! Tonight we're planning a movie night in- steaks and hopefully a cheesey romantic comedy. 

four. Earlier this week I made Loaded Baked Potato soup.  I got the recipe from Natalie's blog and it was delicious! I would definitely recommend it and plan to make it again.

five. Pop over to the sale section of Poppy Style and use VDAY to get an extra 10% off!


valentine's day style

I put together two different style boards for Valentine's Day- one if I was going out and one for staying in (which I will be doing).

For going out, I picked a classic, cute red dress. I love these shoes I found, I think they would go with so much! I like to mix and match my jewelry.  Typically I wear "costume" jewelry, but when I'm going out or getting dressed up I love an excuse to put on my nice jewelry and some extra diamonds.  Dave gave me diamond hoops as my wedding gift from Dave so they have special meaning, but they go with everything. 


For staying in, I like to keep the jewelry simple. I'll probably wear a few bangles and cute studs.  A comfy sweater and leggings will be perfect for a dinner in by the fire.

casual valentine's day


girl crush: carole radziwill

I have to admit I am excited that RHONY is coming back on.  I have a major girl crush on Carole.  I mean, I think she is my role model.  Her new book (The Widow's Guide to Sex & Dating) came out Tuesday and I can't wait to get it.  You can visit her website here. And I suggest you do.

A few reasons I adore her:

1) I mean can you believe she is 50? I wish I looked that good now.


image via

2) She seems so honest and brave.  

3) She has written two books, one a NY Times best seller.  I truly admire authors, I think because I used to love writing as a child and always thought I wanted to be an author (random fact about me) but lost that urge at some point.

4) She is funny! 

inspired by Amanda at Meet Me at the Barre

5) She is smart. 

6) She has awesome style. 

7) I love this: "Most importantly, I follow my instinct. I’ve always followed my instinct - the feeling you have when something intangible is nudging you in one direction or another – and it’s as close as I come to a higher power. Here’s what I believe: Say Yes to what the universe puts in front of you, even when there’s no knowing how it will work out. Listen to your intuition with nothing less than awe. Don’t listen to those who judge you, quietly or not. Don’t listen to doubting whispers or negative self-talk, Who do you think you are? You’re a girl (or boy) with a dream, like me."  Consider me inspired.

(all images via google)


weekend review

We had a pretty good weekend! Sadly it ended with Dave being sick- he has some awful cold.  I hope it goes away quickly and he feels better soon! And y'all know how guys are when they're sick....

I'll leave y'all with some photos from the weekend!

S'mores on Friday night during the Olympic opening ceremonies

Bridesmaids dress shopping

The last bran muffin from the batch my sister made me :( 

Beer and new bangles

My awkward Sunday Selfie before heading to brunch 
(scarf is by LSJ, you can use LSJ-MH-FS for free shipping)

New face wipes! 


friday five: february 7

Happy Friday y'all!!

one. My best friend and bride to be is in town this weekend for some wedding planning! She was my maid of honor and I'm so honored to be her matron of honor.  I'll have to dedicate a whole blog post to covering our lifelong friendship! I can't wait to go with her to meet with the florist today and bridesmaids dress shopping tomorrow!

two. I'm excited to spend time today working on some new pieces for Poppy Style.  I've had lots of ideas and inspiration lately, so I'm ready to turn some of it into reality. There is nothing I love more than spending the day creating.

three. These sheets. I am in love. I'm normally a fan of white sheets....but lately I've been wanting something to make our bedding more fun.  We have a solid gray duvet cover, solid gray blanket.  So I took a chance on these sheets and I love them!

four. The Olympics are finally here! And I am pumped! We started watching coverage last night and I'm pretty sure that is all that will be on the TV for the next couple of weeks.  My husband sent me this this morning, it is really funny! The Skimm is our new favorite way to read the news.

five. I can't believe that I posted every day this week! I shared my February Favorites, Valentine's Day Gift Ideas, Gift Ideas for Men, AND all about LSJ-- email me if you're interested in more info!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


want awesome clothes and extra money?

As many of you know, I am a stylist for La Senorita Jolie.  LSJ is an awesome new line started in Charlotte, NC. 

Founder/Creator, Jennifer Dixon, is awesome.  She is from Charlotte and lives here currently.  She found that most women tend to spend more time in casual wear (namely simple tops) and most women would love to pursue a career on their own terms.  LSJ's goal is to create part-time and full-time jobs for fashion forward women.   
LSJ offers a curated collection of casual, affordable and chic garments to their shoppers in a fun "party-plan" environment.  Stylists earn commission on sales and the hostess earns free clothes, based on sales.  LSJ is a great way to make extra spending money, work part-time, or build a full-time flexible career.

Wearability, a great fit, washability, and versatility are essential components to any garments that are staple wardrobe pieces.  Consisting of cozy fabrics the clothes are all easy to wear, easy to pack, easy to layer and easiest to fall in love with. 
Some of my favorite things about LSJ is that there is no monthly fee, no mandatory monthly purchases, no outrageous goals to meet.  You can purchase your samples in your size, so you get to wear them!

If you are interested in joining my team please email me and we can chat further! It is a wonderful opportunity and a great time to join. 



valentine's day gifts for the boys

Last week I shared what I would LOVE for Valentine's Day and yesterday I shared what I would give my girlfriends...so I thought it would only be fair to share a few ideas for the special male in your life.

I'll start by saying if you live in Charlotte, you should pop into the Sporting Gent. It's an awesome new, local shop on Colony & Selwyn. That is where I got Dave's birthday and Christmas gifts this year. Be sure to give Quinn some kisses and treats!

vday gifts for men

Bose SoundBox- This is a lavish gift but one you would both enjoy. We have a similar one and love it!

Fun Socks- I love these socks from J.Crew and I think Dave would too! I got him some socks from LuluLemon for Christmas and he wears them all the time. Make sure they aren't just a good print, but are comfortable and quality.

36 Hours Book- Dave got one of these for Christmas a year ago and it is such a fun book.

Bottle Openers- I think these beer bottle openers from Anthro are so cool.  I would love to have one on my bar cart!

Bourbon- You can't go wrong with a nice bottle of his favorite liquor!

Shave Kit- And every guy (well most guys) always need a good shave.

As I mentioned, we don't really do gifts. But I will get a little something sweet for Dave :)


More Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Last week I shared what I would love for Valentine's Day, but I thought I'd share what I would GIVE for Valentine's day to friends, sisters, moms, etc.

I realize I've shared a lot about Valentine's Day gifts, which is funny because Dave and I don't really do gifts. I'm just happy with flowers and sharing a bottle of wine together while cooking a yummy dinner. We don't even normally go out for it.  But I do think it is nice to get a little surprise or something small.  Dave surprised me early with the t-shirt I mentioned in this post.  Just a sweet gesture. 

Ladies, you can also send this blog post to the man in your life and I am happy to help him get you the perfect little goody!

$34 each

La Senorita Jolie Scarves- these are SO soft and stylish. Any girl would be lucky to get one! See more of what LSJ has to offer here.

Use LSJ-MH-FS for free shipping! Contact me if you want it rushed.

Bangles- A simple way to give a girl some jewelry without spending a lot of money. Fun and fashionable. And they can be customized in size, stone, etc. See them all here.

Necklace- What girl wouldn't want a handmade, original necklace? These can also be customized- chain color, length, etc.  See more here and here or email me for more info.

(and yes this a shameless plug since these are companies I work for.... :) )


february favs

I love reading about people's favorite things! So I thought I'd join Emily & Kylie for their link up today!

Lip Gloss & Lunges

one. Aveeno Stress Relief Moisturizing Lotion  (smells so good...here)

two. Target Threshold Ottoman (in gold and lavender, this will be coming home with me to go in my office, get it here)

three. La Senorita Jolie Margot scarf (perfect for chilly days, use LSJ-MH-FS for free shipping here)

four. Old Navy Denim Top (I got it in light denim and tall, so I can wear with leggings, buy it here, 20% off with code JUSTFORYOU)

five. Marlene- our new iRobot (as mentioned here and yes we named her/it)

six. Scandal (comes back on February 27th...I miss Olivia and the gladiators)

seven. Sochi Olympics 2014 (SO excited for all events, especially ice skating- going to be amazing)

Hope everyone has a great week!