weekend review

I can't believe its already Monday! We had such a great weekend.  We were supposed to go to the mountains with some friends, but had to cancel this trip for many reasons. We ended up having a great weekend at home.

Friday night we had dinner with my dad at Bricktops (love that place!) and then went to bed early.  Saturday morning we babysat my cute niece.  We watched Sophia the First, colored lots, played with stickers, etc.  I don't know how you moms keep your houses clean with a toddler! My living room was covered with crayons, paper, stickers, pillows on the floor, and snacks everywhere.  It was worth it because she is so cute and I don't mind a little mess. But I really respect moms with clean houses. I also was still in my PJs until noon with her...no time to get ready for the day!

Saturday afternoon I did a little impromptu photo shoot with my sister. I needed to get some photos of new necklaces and its so much easier to take them on people. 

Then Dave and I stayed in and cooked a recipe from my Mac+Cheese cook book. It was SO good! We made the Truffle Mac and will definitely make it again. 


Sunday it was finally a little warmer! Poppy had a play date with her cousin Penny and luckily it was nice enough to be outside for awhile playing ball.  I spent a good amount of time doing some 2014 planning for Poppy Style.

Natalie (one of my favorite bloggers) shared my new Poppy Necklace over on her blog Saturday. It JUST sold out! I hope to get more stones in to make more, email me if you want to be on the wait list!

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  1. Aww your little niece is so cute! I'm loving your new necklaces! That truffled mac and cheese looks amazing!! And yes, if Natalie wears something it's sold!