snow day essentials

We finally have a snow day with snow! I love snow and wish we had more! But not more often. Just 1-3 times a year is fine with me.

Needless to say the grocery store was packed yesterday.  People go crazy over snow here.  

Here are my essentials:

one. Champs! Can't be caught without it. Red wine for Dave.

two. OJ. For mimosas of course.

three. Cinnamon rolls- for the perfect snow day breakfast.

four. Graham crackers, Hershey bar, marshmellows.  I love s'mores!

 five. Frozen pizza...just because.

For some reason I don't like to eat healthy when it snows. Or eat anything cold....except my mimosas.  And now I'm off to play in the snow with Poppy!  Happy snow day y'all!

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