random thoughts this tuesday

We had a great weekend!! Friday night Dave and I escaped for a little over night date night. It was perfection. We used to travel so much, but haven't been able to as much recently.  We then spent Saturday being lazy (well me, he worked in the garage) then that night watched a movie and enjoyed popcorn and hot chocolate. Haven't done that in so long!

Sunday I had a great time with some great girlfriends. I love my Sunday Fundays.  You just can't beat doing errands and brunch with girlfriends.  The champs helps too....

Yesterday I was able to snatch up some great items from the Lilly sale! I got these shoes and this top. In my opinion you can never own too many Elsa tops. They go with everything, year around! So many items are sold out now, I'm glad I acted fast.  Thanks to my sweet Daddy I had a gift card from my birthday to use.

I feel like 2014 officially started yesterday.  Perhaps because I chose to take extra days "off" to enjoy myself.  As mentioned in a previous post, I have lots of goals and ideas for 2014.  I started by making kale for dinner last night.  Creamed kale to be exact. I thought it was a good way to work my way in to eating well.  I followed this recipe. Which wasn't the easiest for me to follow... two pounds of kale is a LOT. It took up a lot of room to prep it, cook it, etc.  But it turned out delicious! So I would recommend trying it out.

I can't believe how cold it is here today! Woke up and it was 7* outside- which I am not used to at all. Hope it warms up some so I won't mind going outside!

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  1. That creamed kale looks yummy! I'm always looking for ways to incorporate it into my diet!