My sister got a juicer.  I've been wanting to try juicing, but didn't want to just buy a juicer in case I didn't like it.  Thankfully, she got one and was willing to let me test it out!

I got all of my ingredients at Trader Joe's and headed over to my sister's house to try it out.  It was a little more time consuming than I thought, but it made a ton of juice so I don't have to do it each day. 

Detox Juice
-3 (small) grapefruits
-6 (smallish) oranges
-1 lemon
-drizzle of maple syrup
Directions: peel the grapefruits, oranges and lemon.  After you've juiced all the fruit, stir and drizzle in a little maple syrup.  After tasting it you can add more fruit or syrup.

Kale & Apple Juice
-one bag of kale
-one bag of baby spinach
-2-3 apples (Honey Crisp) 
Directions: Cut up the apples first.  Add the kale, then apples and then spinach. I think it helps mix the veggies with the fruit.  

I would highly recommend trying juicing! I loved both of these juices. They were great to have mid morning when I was starting to get a little hungry or crave some caffeine.  

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  1. I loved juicing too until the spout that attaches to the juicer got broken in the garbage disposal! Theo keeps saying I need to just steal one off the model at BB&B but I'd feel so guilty!