friday five: january 31

Oh what a week! We survived the snow. Luckily Charlotte didn't have it as bad as Atlanta....I think we've finally started to learn how to handle snow and ice! I have a few "deep" thoughts this Friday...

one. I'm not loving my hair right now.  I love my hair girl and she does a great job. So I don't think its her, its me.  It used to be really long, but then the past few times I've had it cut a little shorter and a little shorter. Now it is short. Which I love some days. But other days I want my long hair back. UGH. Anybody have any good hair styles, tips or tricks I need to know about?  I used to use a wand, but haven't been able to get it just right recently. Here are my dream hair stylse:


(this is closest to reality....but I just can't get it to look this good!)


click image for link
(and yes, I know they are all different....)

two. Poppy is really spoiled. I've always prided myself on having a well behaved, lovable dog. But I'm worried she's getting out of hand.  She sleeps on her bed at night, but first thing in the morning she wants in the bed with me or she throws a fit. And by throwing a fit, I mean jumping, whimpering, scrapping the floor, etc.  She also used to only get on the couch when I let her, now it is all the time and hates when I say no.  She is almost 5 years old and I think its going to be hard to change her habits. And I do love when she cuddles on the couch with me, but not when we have company over.  (this all came to the front of my mind after talking with friends last night)

three. After seeing this in action last night, I really want it! But then I ask myself, do we need it? I think we do.  But should we be spending $300+ on something like this right now?  Want vs need are so hard for me. As is budgeting...

iRobot Roomba Pet

four. My whole house is a disaster. Not one single room is clean. Which is uncommon. Normally I have a few messy rooms and the rest is tidy and clean. So today (and this weekend) will be spent doing a deep clean. Time to put clothes away, sort junk mail, do dishes, etc.  We have a huge pile of winter coats, purses, bags and what not on the couch in our sunroom. It just needs to be put away, but I haven't done it. Lazyyyy. I really want to be one of those people with a clean house all the time, you know the ones where you pop in and the house looks spotless.  Which really makes me want the iRobot...

five. I think I'm going to skip 5 today... I think I've shared enough deep thoughts for one Friday.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!!



  1. Hi! Joining you for Five on Friday!! I love all of those hair do's :) :) Happy Friday and glad to be a new follower!!

  2. I've heard really great things about the iRobot - but I still love my dyson! Best investment ever!! I feel ya on the hair sitch...i think it might be the time of year as well - we're all ready for a change :) Happy Friday! p.s. found you through the link up!


  3. I feel you on the hair thing...I cut mine short {for me, it is still actually a good bit past my shoulders} in November...and pretty much immediately I regretted the decision. Thank God for the prenatal vitamins I have to take right now because it will grow fast, but man, I miss long locks and it just is more flattering on me. I also want to put some blonde back in, I've been dying it Megan Fox dark for years now.


  4. yay for deep cleaning! ha! I feel you about the hair thing--find a way to try them all! haha your blog is darling!

  5. I love the robot cleaner... We have one and it is amazing :)

  6. Funny you mention it, I keep thinking the same about our two dogs. I am starting to feel like that are far too spoiled, and it's a little ridiculous!