friday five: january 10. 2014

Can't believe the first full week of 2014 is over! We have a very exciting weekend ahead so I'm very glad it is Friday.

one. My cousin Jennie is off on her journey to the world race. I can't believe we won't see her for 11 months. You can keep up with her experience here. I know I can't wait to read all about it.

two. I can't wait to share my office make over with everyone! It'll be awhile, but totally worth it. For Christmas my sweet hubby gave me a new desk! He built it and it is exactly what I wanted. There are a lot of other changes we made to make the office the best space for me and my growing company.

Sneak peek:

Lots of containers from the Container Store

three. BIRTHDAYS! My nephew Nat turns 6 tomorrow and my friend Danielle turns 30 on Sunday.  I love other people's birthdays as much as my own. It is so fun to celebrate! I had lunch with Nat at his school today and tomorrow Dave and I will go to his party at Chuckee Cheese. Saturday night we're going to Nolen Kitchen (one of my favs) for Danielle's birthday and will continue to celebrate with brunch on Sunday! 

four. One word: PANTHERS! I am so so excited for the Carolina Panthers game this Sunday! The only t-shirt I have is one that I sleep in and I can't find my jersey, so I tried to get one at Target- ALL SOLD OUT. Charlotte is pumped! I may try to find one tomorrow, but I'll definitely be wearing my new Panthers tassel necklace and some bangles!

Buy one here!

five. This past week I got to get together with some of my high school girl friends! Some of them live in Charlotte, but one friend was in town from San Fransisco, it was nice to all be together. I love catching up with them! We've been friends for sooo long.  I love being able to remember old, funny high school stories! 

So all in all it was a great start to 2014 and I'm very excited for this weekend! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. I can't wait to see your office! Have fun at Nolen ... one of my faves :)