I absolutely love Etsy! I can waste so much time browsing all sorts of crafts, jewelry, etc.  I recently decided to open an Esty shop in addition to my website.  You may be like my husband and wonder why.  I did it to help increase the number of people that see my jewelry. But also because I have some pieces that are just 1-2 and it was easier to upload to Etsy than the website.  So the website is items that I have many of and plan to keep in stock as long as possible.  Etsy is for more unique, one of kind pieces.I hope you'll go check it out!

A few of the pieces in Etsy right now...


While on the subject of Etsy, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite shops!

Pecan Pie Puppies: I've been ordering from  here for over two years now. I absolutely LOVE the collars and flowers I've gotten for Poppy here. She has the leopard collar and the white with gold polka dot collar.

Jeanna Michelle: Another shop that I've used to buy collars for Poppy. It is a little cheaper, but I like them just as much!

Paloma's Nest: I got the best ring bowl from this shop. I still use it on my bedside table.

Pearls and Pastries: I got some super cute prints here! Be on the look out for when there is a sale and stock up.

Any shops I need to check out?

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  1. Love that first piece!

    I think Etsy is so cool, but don't use it very often, because it kind of overwhelms me. I always like shop suggestions! I have ordered quite a few pillow covers from WhitlockandCo.

    Love the first necklace you posted!