friday five: january 31

Oh what a week! We survived the snow. Luckily Charlotte didn't have it as bad as Atlanta....I think we've finally started to learn how to handle snow and ice! I have a few "deep" thoughts this Friday...

one. I'm not loving my hair right now.  I love my hair girl and she does a great job. So I don't think its her, its me.  It used to be really long, but then the past few times I've had it cut a little shorter and a little shorter. Now it is short. Which I love some days. But other days I want my long hair back. UGH. Anybody have any good hair styles, tips or tricks I need to know about?  I used to use a wand, but haven't been able to get it just right recently. Here are my dream hair stylse:


(this is closest to reality....but I just can't get it to look this good!)


click image for link
(and yes, I know they are all different....)

two. Poppy is really spoiled. I've always prided myself on having a well behaved, lovable dog. But I'm worried she's getting out of hand.  She sleeps on her bed at night, but first thing in the morning she wants in the bed with me or she throws a fit. And by throwing a fit, I mean jumping, whimpering, scrapping the floor, etc.  She also used to only get on the couch when I let her, now it is all the time and hates when I say no.  She is almost 5 years old and I think its going to be hard to change her habits. And I do love when she cuddles on the couch with me, but not when we have company over.  (this all came to the front of my mind after talking with friends last night)

three. After seeing this in action last night, I really want it! But then I ask myself, do we need it? I think we do.  But should we be spending $300+ on something like this right now?  Want vs need are so hard for me. As is budgeting...

iRobot Roomba Pet

four. My whole house is a disaster. Not one single room is clean. Which is uncommon. Normally I have a few messy rooms and the rest is tidy and clean. So today (and this weekend) will be spent doing a deep clean. Time to put clothes away, sort junk mail, do dishes, etc.  We have a huge pile of winter coats, purses, bags and what not on the couch in our sunroom. It just needs to be put away, but I haven't done it. Lazyyyy. I really want to be one of those people with a clean house all the time, you know the ones where you pop in and the house looks spotless.  Which really makes me want the iRobot...

five. I think I'm going to skip 5 today... I think I've shared enough deep thoughts for one Friday.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!!



snow day essentials

We finally have a snow day with snow! I love snow and wish we had more! But not more often. Just 1-3 times a year is fine with me.

Needless to say the grocery store was packed yesterday.  People go crazy over snow here.  

Here are my essentials:

one. Champs! Can't be caught without it. Red wine for Dave.

two. OJ. For mimosas of course.

three. Cinnamon rolls- for the perfect snow day breakfast.

four. Graham crackers, Hershey bar, marshmellows.  I love s'mores!

 five. Frozen pizza...just because.

For some reason I don't like to eat healthy when it snows. Or eat anything cold....except my mimosas.  And now I'm off to play in the snow with Poppy!  Happy snow day y'all!


Valentine's Day Wishes

Valentine's Day Wishes

Hubby, in case you're reading this here are some things I'd love...
Mug & Kiss Me Headband- Shop by Monika
PJ Shorts- Gap
Graphic Tee- Old Navy
Sequin Hangers- Pearls & Pastries


weekend review

I can't believe its already Monday! We had such a great weekend.  We were supposed to go to the mountains with some friends, but had to cancel this trip for many reasons. We ended up having a great weekend at home.

Friday night we had dinner with my dad at Bricktops (love that place!) and then went to bed early.  Saturday morning we babysat my cute niece.  We watched Sophia the First, colored lots, played with stickers, etc.  I don't know how you moms keep your houses clean with a toddler! My living room was covered with crayons, paper, stickers, pillows on the floor, and snacks everywhere.  It was worth it because she is so cute and I don't mind a little mess. But I really respect moms with clean houses. I also was still in my PJs until noon with her...no time to get ready for the day!

Saturday afternoon I did a little impromptu photo shoot with my sister. I needed to get some photos of new necklaces and its so much easier to take them on people. 

Then Dave and I stayed in and cooked a recipe from my Mac+Cheese cook book. It was SO good! We made the Truffle Mac and will definitely make it again. 


Sunday it was finally a little warmer! Poppy had a play date with her cousin Penny and luckily it was nice enough to be outside for awhile playing ball.  I spent a good amount of time doing some 2014 planning for Poppy Style.

Natalie (one of my favorite bloggers) shared my new Poppy Necklace over on her blog Saturday. It JUST sold out! I hope to get more stones in to make more, email me if you want to be on the wait list!


friday five/currently loving

Happy Friday y'all! I thought I'd share some of my current favorite things on this COLD Friday morning...

one. hunter boots> my sweet hubby let me get these a few weeks ago (and yes I said "let me" because I asked because he makes the moola).  I had been wanting a pair for so long. We had been having terrible weather and I had no rain boots (poor me).  I have worn them soooo much since then. Not sure how I survived before without them.  I got the packable ones, which will be great for traveling.


two. izabelle sweatshirt> This is so freakin' soft! Absolutely love it.  Use LSJ-MH-FS at checkout for free shipping!

three. chic shirt> I've been searching for a cute, casual t-shirt with a saying on it. But didn't want to spend a ton. And I didn't want it tight or cropped. This one is perfect. Its also long, which you can't tell from the picture.

four. Rodan + Fields Soothe Line> My skin has been really sensitive and dry lately. The R+F Soothe line has been perfect for it.  View all the products here.

five. chanel foundation> I've been using this foundation on and off for years. I am back on and love it. I don't know if I'll switch again.  I wish it wasn't so pricey, but I really love it. Goes on so smooth and light, but gives great coverage.

Have a great weekend y'all!!


i'm going to be an aunt!

Again! I'm so excited to finally share that this July I will became an AUNT again! My sweet sister-in-law and brother-in-law (hubby's brother) are expecting their first bundle of joy this summer.  My heart is so full of happiness for them!  I've been holding it in since Thanksgiving...well except I did slip it to a few of you :)

On February 10 they'll find out (and share!) if it is a little princess or prince.  Either way I am thrilled! Being an aunt is awesome. I can't wait to spoil her/him so much.  

Here are a few of my current favorite baby items:

I am obsessed with these diapers.

I think this is the coolest baby thing ever. (and works great, so I've heard)

Gap has some of the cutest little girl things right now. 

And yes, at times I have baby fever....


work out attire

Now that I'm working out more (let's be honest, working out at all) I need more clothing. I've never had a lot of workout clothes or been one to just wear them around during the day.  So now I need a few staples.  I love Luluemon but it is so pricey! I will say I think their stuff fits better than some of the cheaper items. 

Here are some of my favorite necessities:

Luluemon Wunder-Under Crop: I used a gift card from Christmas to get these pants and I am in love. Wish I could get them in more colors! By far my favorite work out pants.  The other work out pants I have are UnderArmour and Target.

Lululemon Infinity Scarf: I can't find this one their website right now, but have seen it in stores recently. My bestie got me this (in black/stripe) for my birthday and I love it. Sooo soft and perfect to wear to and from the gym in this chilly weather.

image via google
Old Navy Compression Tank: I love that this tank is loose. I can't do tight work out tanks...I just don't have the body/abs! So this one is perfect for me.

Target C9 Fit and Flare Tank: These are on sale right now! I got two yesterday, each under $10.  Great deal for a work out tank.  Again, I like them because they are loose.

Anybody have any other suggestions for work out clothes I "need"??


friday five: january 17

Happy Friday y'all!!!  So its been one of those weeks where I feel like my pet peeves are popping up everywhere. I really had thought about posting my top five pet peeves....but thought that might seem to negative! I might think about it and do it in the future...I also want to be sure I pick my best top five pet peeves. :) So I'm just going to do a standard five on Friday!

one. I went to a Barre Fusion class at the Harris YMCA this week and loved it! I liked it a lot better than the last barre class I went to.  I may have find the right place for me! It wasn't super easy, but not too hard. It was more balance and yoga/ballet than the last class. Gotta keep up with my new year goals!

two. I'm getting so excited about the Olympics. Last night we watched a show on the Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan scandal from 20 years ago. I can't believe I'm old enough to remember something that was 20 years ago! I'm ready to see some ice skating this February!

three. Another goal for 2014 was to cook more, which I have been successful at this week! I tried this recipe that I found on Julia's blog. I really liked it!

four. Charlotte's Queens Feast (aka restaurant week) starts today.  We don't have reservations anywhere yet, but might try to make some for next week.  Its a great way to try a new restaurant or new menu item!

five. Shameless plug. Be sure to check out my new Etsy store! And I've added new items to my website as well.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! We have very little planned which I'm looking forward to.



I absolutely love Etsy! I can waste so much time browsing all sorts of crafts, jewelry, etc.  I recently decided to open an Esty shop in addition to my website.  You may be like my husband and wonder why.  I did it to help increase the number of people that see my jewelry. But also because I have some pieces that are just 1-2 and it was easier to upload to Etsy than the website.  So the website is items that I have many of and plan to keep in stock as long as possible.  Etsy is for more unique, one of kind pieces.I hope you'll go check it out!

A few of the pieces in Etsy right now...


While on the subject of Etsy, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite shops!

Pecan Pie Puppies: I've been ordering from  here for over two years now. I absolutely LOVE the collars and flowers I've gotten for Poppy here. She has the leopard collar and the white with gold polka dot collar.

Jeanna Michelle: Another shop that I've used to buy collars for Poppy. It is a little cheaper, but I like them just as much!

Paloma's Nest: I got the best ring bowl from this shop. I still use it on my bedside table.

Pearls and Pastries: I got some super cute prints here! Be on the look out for when there is a sale and stock up.

Any shops I need to check out?



My sister got a juicer.  I've been wanting to try juicing, but didn't want to just buy a juicer in case I didn't like it.  Thankfully, she got one and was willing to let me test it out!

I got all of my ingredients at Trader Joe's and headed over to my sister's house to try it out.  It was a little more time consuming than I thought, but it made a ton of juice so I don't have to do it each day. 

Detox Juice
-3 (small) grapefruits
-6 (smallish) oranges
-1 lemon
-drizzle of maple syrup
Directions: peel the grapefruits, oranges and lemon.  After you've juiced all the fruit, stir and drizzle in a little maple syrup.  After tasting it you can add more fruit or syrup.

Kale & Apple Juice
-one bag of kale
-one bag of baby spinach
-2-3 apples (Honey Crisp) 
Directions: Cut up the apples first.  Add the kale, then apples and then spinach. I think it helps mix the veggies with the fruit.  

I would highly recommend trying juicing! I loved both of these juices. They were great to have mid morning when I was starting to get a little hungry or crave some caffeine.  


friday five: january 10. 2014

Can't believe the first full week of 2014 is over! We have a very exciting weekend ahead so I'm very glad it is Friday.

one. My cousin Jennie is off on her journey to the world race. I can't believe we won't see her for 11 months. You can keep up with her experience here. I know I can't wait to read all about it.

two. I can't wait to share my office make over with everyone! It'll be awhile, but totally worth it. For Christmas my sweet hubby gave me a new desk! He built it and it is exactly what I wanted. There are a lot of other changes we made to make the office the best space for me and my growing company.

Sneak peek:

Lots of containers from the Container Store

three. BIRTHDAYS! My nephew Nat turns 6 tomorrow and my friend Danielle turns 30 on Sunday.  I love other people's birthdays as much as my own. It is so fun to celebrate! I had lunch with Nat at his school today and tomorrow Dave and I will go to his party at Chuckee Cheese. Saturday night we're going to Nolen Kitchen (one of my favs) for Danielle's birthday and will continue to celebrate with brunch on Sunday! 

four. One word: PANTHERS! I am so so excited for the Carolina Panthers game this Sunday! The only t-shirt I have is one that I sleep in and I can't find my jersey, so I tried to get one at Target- ALL SOLD OUT. Charlotte is pumped! I may try to find one tomorrow, but I'll definitely be wearing my new Panthers tassel necklace and some bangles!

Buy one here!

five. This past week I got to get together with some of my high school girl friends! Some of them live in Charlotte, but one friend was in town from San Fransisco, it was nice to all be together. I love catching up with them! We've been friends for sooo long.  I love being able to remember old, funny high school stories! 

So all in all it was a great start to 2014 and I'm very excited for this weekend! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


random thoughts this tuesday

We had a great weekend!! Friday night Dave and I escaped for a little over night date night. It was perfection. We used to travel so much, but haven't been able to as much recently.  We then spent Saturday being lazy (well me, he worked in the garage) then that night watched a movie and enjoyed popcorn and hot chocolate. Haven't done that in so long!

Sunday I had a great time with some great girlfriends. I love my Sunday Fundays.  You just can't beat doing errands and brunch with girlfriends.  The champs helps too....

Yesterday I was able to snatch up some great items from the Lilly sale! I got these shoes and this top. In my opinion you can never own too many Elsa tops. They go with everything, year around! So many items are sold out now, I'm glad I acted fast.  Thanks to my sweet Daddy I had a gift card from my birthday to use.

I feel like 2014 officially started yesterday.  Perhaps because I chose to take extra days "off" to enjoy myself.  As mentioned in a previous post, I have lots of goals and ideas for 2014.  I started by making kale for dinner last night.  Creamed kale to be exact. I thought it was a good way to work my way in to eating well.  I followed this recipe. Which wasn't the easiest for me to follow... two pounds of kale is a LOT. It took up a lot of room to prep it, cook it, etc.  But it turned out delicious! So I would recommend trying it out.

I can't believe how cold it is here today! Woke up and it was 7* outside- which I am not used to at all. Hope it warms up some so I won't mind going outside!