holiday traditions

One thing I love about the holidays is traditions. Not just old, but making new ones.  Growing up I have so many great memories of traditions.  The two biggest traditions for my family (in my opinion) are on Christmas Eve.  Christmas Eve also happens to be my birthday! So I've always had a very unique birthday celebration.  Every Christmas Eve morning we have a big birthday breakfast.  My whole (Charlotte based) family comes over and a few close friends. We eat eggs benedict and drink mimosas.  I absolutely love it. I make a point to never work on my birthday- I feel so fortunate I've been able to never miss my birthday breakfast! The other tradition we have is go attend the Moravian church for the Love Feast.  It is a gorgeous ceremony and so special. 

I remember spending many Christmas Eves running to Walgreen late with my mom. Always needing a few more stocking stuffers, candy, etc.  Growing up, every Christmas morning my sister and I had to wait at the top of the stairs before we were allowed to go downstairs and see what Santa brought.  In our house, Santa never wrapped gifts. We each had our own "section" of the living room where Santa left presents.  Including mom and dad!

This year I am hosting Christmas dinner at my house for the first time ever! My sister has done it for years.  And she always makes sure it is just perfect. I can't wait to give it a try! Dave and I are also spending Christmas Eve night as just the two of us (with Poppy).  In the past, we have had my dad or Dave's parents or someone over for dinner. This year it will be just us! I hope we start our own little tradition together.  We may get take out, we may cook.  Watch a good movie and go to bed early!

What are your favorite traditions??

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