new year, new goals

I can't believe how much has changed this past year. The biggest thing being that I started my own company.  Its always been a dream of mine, but not one I saw happening so soon and suddenly!

I have a lot to grow on this year with the business. Most of my goals, plans and resolutions revolve around Poppy Style. I can't wait to share it all with you over time.  First up, all bangles I plan to keep in stock will be named.  Currently all jewelry on my website has been named after my favorite streets (from all over).  Now I am going to name pieces after friends, family, feelings, etc.  So be on the look out- you could have something named after you! 

Poppy Style will also be adding lots of new handmade (some one of a kind) necklaces and earrings to the site. These are pieces I've had and have sold at trunk shows or through special order before. After many requests I'm excited to add them to the website! Here is a little preview of what you can expect in the next week...

my favorite tassel necklaces

pretty wooden beads with great pendants

 sweet and simple pearl pendant

black and gold agate slices

On the personal side, I am going to work on myself. Literally. I want to eat better, work out more...I know everyone says that. But also work on myself spiritually and with friendships. I want to be the best person I can be in 2014.  Here are a few of my "goals" for 2014... in no certain order....

1. Officially join a church.
2. Continue to spend plenty of time with  my nephews and niece.
3. Travel.
4. Blog more often.
5. Go to the gym/work out.
6. Eat better/cook more.
7. Nurture my marriage and friendships. 

I love this that I saw on Natalie's blog:

Happy New Year y'all! Thanks for reading and supporting me in 2013... here's to 2014 being the best yet!

and a sale to kick it off!


20% off orders over $30 with code happy2014



A few weekends ago I had the honor of being a bridesmaid in the wedding of one of my bestest friends! (yes I know that is not proper grammar)  It was an incredible weekend!! I drove up early Friday morning to Raleigh so that I could make the bridesmaids brunch. And I'm so glad I did, it was so pretty and nice.

Dave and my dad drove up that afternoon.  After rehearsing, Dave and I attended the rehearsal dinner. It was hosted by Tyler's sweet parents at Jimmy V's in Cary, NC. I adore Tyler's family (and Kristina's!) and they did a great job with the dinner!  I did not stay out late because I didn't want to feel bad the next day. :)

Saturday was the big day! We spent the day getting ready at Kristina's parents' house- which I loved. We enjoyed mimosas, yummy food and great girl time! We all got our hair and make up done, another thing that I love.  Once we were all ready and dressed, we headed out for photos.

I loved our bridesmaids gifts! Including these white tops with our monograms.

Kristina was a stunning bride. Absolutely breathtaking.  And one of my favorite parts of the day was looking at Tyler when Kristina came down the aisle.  He had the biggest smile on his face, maybe a tear. Total happiness! You could just feel their love.  He truly adores her and you can just tell.

We spent the evening eating, dancing and drinking. I loved getting to see my best friend marry her true love.  I loved getting to see my college girl friends.  The weekend went by way too quickly! Can we please do it again?!

Here are some of my favorite weekend pics:

my friend, Brooks! Kristina gave us all those pearl necklaces from J.Crew!


friday five: december 20

I haven't done my five on Friday in awhile and I'm excited to be back sharing today!

Last night we celebrated my birthday with our close friends at Nan & Byron's! My real birthday is Christmas Eve, but people are typically busy with family then :) so we celebrate early with friends. I had the best time! This is one of my new favorite restaurants. If you are in Charlotte you must go! I got the Crispy Beet Burger for the second time- vegetarian friendly.  The mac'n'cheese is awesome as are the mojito fries. 


I've had more holiday orders than I thought I would! I'm so thankful for all of it. I'm also thankful that I'm almost done with holiday orders and plan to take a few days off! I have a few more orders shipping out today and need to make some more bangles for gifts and just to have on hand.  I plan to take off Dec 24-26 and enjoy the holidays with family and friends!

Tomorrow we head to Clemmons to celebrate Christmas with Dave's side of the family. I can't wait to see everyone and get my first holiday meal! It'll be a nice way to start the week of holiday fun.

We are hosting Christmas dinner for my family for the first time this year.  Lots of pressure! I've been brainstorming pretty tablescapes. I plan to finalize all of my ideas this weekend.  I know I plan to use lots of gold and silver, accented with some greenery. Lots of ideas here on my Pinterest board!

Holiday fun! I have really enjoyed this holiday season! Christmas parties, beautiful church services, Elf on the Shelf, shopping for presents, good food, seeing family and friends, etc. It is also my birthday time, which makes it even more fun! We have my family birthday dinner Sunday along with a holiday party, Christmas Eve we have my birthday breakfast party....so much to look forward to this week!

My best wrapped present is for my 20 month old niece... Who won't care how it's wrapped! 
Dave and I love our Elf, Timmy...


holiday traditions

One thing I love about the holidays is traditions. Not just old, but making new ones.  Growing up I have so many great memories of traditions.  The two biggest traditions for my family (in my opinion) are on Christmas Eve.  Christmas Eve also happens to be my birthday! So I've always had a very unique birthday celebration.  Every Christmas Eve morning we have a big birthday breakfast.  My whole (Charlotte based) family comes over and a few close friends. We eat eggs benedict and drink mimosas.  I absolutely love it. I make a point to never work on my birthday- I feel so fortunate I've been able to never miss my birthday breakfast! The other tradition we have is go attend the Moravian church for the Love Feast.  It is a gorgeous ceremony and so special. 

I remember spending many Christmas Eves running to Walgreen late with my mom. Always needing a few more stocking stuffers, candy, etc.  Growing up, every Christmas morning my sister and I had to wait at the top of the stairs before we were allowed to go downstairs and see what Santa brought.  In our house, Santa never wrapped gifts. We each had our own "section" of the living room where Santa left presents.  Including mom and dad!

This year I am hosting Christmas dinner at my house for the first time ever! My sister has done it for years.  And she always makes sure it is just perfect. I can't wait to give it a try! Dave and I are also spending Christmas Eve night as just the two of us (with Poppy).  In the past, we have had my dad or Dave's parents or someone over for dinner. This year it will be just us! I hope we start our own little tradition together.  We may get take out, we may cook.  Watch a good movie and go to bed early!

What are your favorite traditions??

golden gifts

These are just a few of my favorite "golden" gifts! Gold is my favorite color (along with white). So any of these great items would be the perfect gift for me!

golden gifts

And I've waited so long to publish this that many of the above items are sold out! So sad. Hopefully they'll come back in stock! Or someone will decide to return one they get for a gift, though I don't know why!


work is hard

I can't believe I've been absent from the blog for so long! Work has been blowing me away! Which is a wonderful thing. I am so thankful. But it means things have been lacking... like the blog and house work.

Having your own business is a very rewarding thing. And also more challenging than I ever realized. I am loving it though! I'm still learning how to balance everything. I don't have normal hours. I don't have days off.  So it is a lot for me to adjust to! I work when I have to- so if I have to fill 10 orders in a day, it means I have to skip Target or the grocery store. But then there are days it is a bit slower so I can enjoy lunch out with friends or a trip to the mall.  I don't know if I'll ever get used to the inconsistency! I also must learn to work ahead more!

I have some cute gift ideas I hope to share this week with all of you! And maybe in 2014, I'll have a routine that works. :)