friday five: november 1

Happy Friday y'all! I can't believe I've missed the past two five on friday link ups! But I am back for it today!

one. This is my first weekend at home since September! I am so excited to take advantage of it. My in laws are coming to town for the night and tomorrow they'll help us with some house projects. 

two. Tomorrow we have an engagement party for some very dear friends! I can't wait to celebrate with them! I ordered this dress for the occasion and it doesn't arrive until tomorrow so I am hoping it fits and looks good. I'm still not sure what shoes to wear with it. 

three. We are going to re-do/update/change/etc the home office.  It was Dave's office, then we made some changes to make it work for me. But it is still not really the best working area for what I do.  So we plan to take some pieces of furniture out and put them in the guest bedroom.  Then on one wall we are going to have a pegboard where I can store/hang all of my jewelry inventory.  It will be a little like the one below, but much bigger.

Ideally I'd love to make my desk look like this:

I also love this desk and rug:

four.  I'm going to have lots of new jewelry pieces for sale soon- all handmade! I'm working on necklaces and can't wait to share them. Be sure to follow along on Facebook or Instagram to see sneak peaks. 

five.  I got this top a few weeks ago and had to go back to get it in another color. I love it!! Super comfortable. However, the solid colors fit different from the stripes. (at least on me) I have a large in the stripes, but the large in the solid was tighter in the arms. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. Both of those desks are fabulous and would a killer work space. That tunic is great for layering and to wear with leggings!