weekend review + biz thoughts

I spent the weekend in Raleigh with my bestie, Kristina and her family. It was wonderful! She had a shower on Saturday and we spent the rest of the weekend hanging out with family and doing wedding crafts. A wonderful weekend!

As my business (Poppy Style) has gotten busier, certain things have popped into my head.  It isn't always easy or wonderful.  I've often read blogs and am amazed when people say rude or thoughtless things- recently I've seen it on Natalie and Caycee's blogs. Previously I remember it from Natasha's blog. I couldn't believe people could say such things! To someone they don't know! I've constantly had that in my head with this blog.  I worry about offending people, but I shouldn't because it is MY blog. MY thoughts.  Luckily, no one has ever said anything negative about it. But I do get amazed by what people will say to me about my jewelry or such.  For example, I can't help it if I ship your order and it takes longer than you expect for it to arrive.  I never make promises, I can only estimate when it will arrive.  Unless you tell me you need it for a certain date, I just ship it like I would any other order.  And if you wait and take your time to pay your PayPal invoice, I can't help that either. You may say you ordered it a certain day, but I am always clear that I will not ship it until it is paid for.  

I get so sensitive about these things because I want people to LOVE working with me and ordering from me.  But I still can't believe the attitude that some people get.  I am a small- one person- business! Sorry for the vent- but it has been on my mind lately! 

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!! 


  1. People can definitely be harsh on blogs. And it's easy for them too because it's behind the computer. You know if they ever met in person none of it would be said. I don't worry about offending ppl as much as saying too much and giving too much of my life away. You forget we are on the internet and any freaks out there can read what we're saying and see our pics!

    1. So true!!! I try to be careful (esp about trips, being gone, etc) but sometimes forget!