my faux lashes + a discount code

The first make up item I ever wore was mascara.  I would be happy to skip everything else for just mascara.  My lashes are long, but blonde- almost white blonde. So you can't see them unless they are heavily coated with mascara.  I have forgotten mascara before and stopped to buy some while out.

On my wedding day I wore TWO sets of fake eyelashes. I loved it! I've tried my best to be good about putting fake lashes on, but it is hard! Last Christmas I treated to myself to semi-permanant lashes. There was a great special going and I thought why not? Well I loved the look, but they were uncomfortable. I ended up taking them off after just 5 days.

I had always thought about trying them again some day.  Well a friend of mine went to La La Lashes this summer and I couldn't get over how awesome her lashes look.  Then my sister decided to go. Again, aaaaamazing lashes. I was so jealous! I had to get myself some. And I am in love. It makes SUCH a difference! I don't wear mascara any more.  My lashes look perfect 24/7.  They are also comfortable- I don't feel them at all.  They use the best lash products in the industry- Xtreme Lashes. And Charryse, who applied them, is amazingly talented. 

I love that they aren't overly "fake" looking. Most people can't tell.  Some people will ask are they real or are you really good with mascara? I've had them for over a month now, getting them touched up every two weeks.

Here is a picture:

So if you are in the Charlotte area, looking for some lashes, go check them out!  Follow them on Facebook for deals and more info!

Do you have any beauty secrets??


minimum purchase of $15

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