friday five: october 11

Whoop whoop! As many of y'all read this I am on my to Wrightsville for my bestie's bach party! Wrightsville, get ready for us!

I am SUPER thankful for all of the jewelry and bangle orders I have gotten in. It makes me so happy! In saying that, I really need to updated the Poppy Style website with my bangles to make ordering easier. So that is a huge priority to me right now! Also, if you are in Charlotte you'll soon be seeing them in a new boutique! Will share details soon!

It finally feels like fall. I love this weather! La Senorita Jolie has some awesome fall items out! I am so excited about the leggings and this top is my new staple for fall. Let me know if you want to host a trunk show and earn FREE clothes! You don't have to be in Charlotte- you can be anywhere! We are also looking for new stylists- it is super fun and easy, so email me if you want to chat more.

As mentioned above-- I am heading to Wrightsville for the weekend to celebrate my best friend and former roommate's bachelorette!!! It is going to be so.much.fun. I can't stand it! 

My cowboy boots that I mentioned yesterday came in and I love them! I can't believe I haven't owned them before. I'll be wearing them just about daily now. 

Next week is my sister's birthday so I am scouting some good gift ideas. She is going to be 35- doesn't look it though! So let me know if you have any ideas.  

Hope y'all have a great weekend!!


  1. So happy to hear you love your cowboy boots! Hope you have a great time in Wrightsville Beach!!

  2. Aw, Wrightsville is so much fun! And YAY for the new boutique carrying your bangles, get it girrrrl!