currently loving

Cowboy boots have been on my wish list for years now.  I just haven't found the right pair for the right price. And now I have. Well I hope I have! I ordered them online (love Amazon Prime) and they should arrive Thursday! They are Justin boots and I have heard great reviews about them.

I went by the Chanel counter (I go to the one at Belk South Park- I like it much better than other Chanel counters) last Friday and saw my favorite girl Wanda. She gave me a great sample pack of new lip colors. This is the best color ever! It isn't too nude/light, not too pink, not too red, etc.

I also picked up a new gloss because I can't resist... it is a TERRIBLE habit. I need lipstick/lipgloss anonymous.

I found a hidden Lilly Pulitzer gift card- I had been saving for a special day. I snatched up these pants and know that I will wear them all fall and winter long.

I also got the Elsa top in gray- it is a gorgeous color!

And of course... I am loving my new Rodan + Fields products! Thank you all for the support! Please email me if you have any questions. I plan to share about my experience here, but promise to not overwhelm y'all with skincare nonsense! I will say this- my hubby wasn't sold on me doing this. But he felt my skin after one day of product and one Macro E treatment and couldn't get over how soft it was.


  1. A good fried of mine is on the hunt for some real cowboy boots and the other night at work she showed me some she liked and the Justin boots were some of the favs! I love that Elsa top! How in the world did you hold off on using your gift card? I would of used it the moment I got it! I'm impatient like that!

    1. I hid it!! :) So when I wanted something I either didn't get it or used my debit card if I had it in the budget. Now the budget is tight and I found my card!! :)