weekend review

This past weekend was my last one at home for the next 4 weekends.  I made sure to take full advantage of it! 

Friday my dad came over for cocktails- we do this just about every Friday that we are in town.  Then he took me and Dave to Roosters for dinner.  I used to like Roosters, then started to not like Roosters, but I went Thursday night after the Neiman Marcus Cusp fashion show with some girls and fell back in love with it! I got the mac'n'cheese (my favorite food) and wedge salad one night, the other night I got the mac'n'cheese and the Roosters dog which was on special.  I definitely suggest checking out Roosters!

Saturday morning I did some bangle making and then got to babysit my cute, adorable little niece Hollins! I took her and Poppy for a walk and let me say it is not easy to walk a dog and push a stroller! Poppy didn't seem to understand why it wasn't just the two of us on the walk. And she loves Hollins so she kept wanting to lick her and Hollins kept want to pet Poppy.  These two are best friends and I love it!


Saturday night we tried Baku with some friends.  Baku just opened last week in South Park and I think its going to be a hit!  However, our first experience wasn't that great.  We were told many different things about being seated and ended up waiting almost 2 hours and then leaving.  The staff at the upstairs bar was super nice and fun! So we enjoyed cocktails while waiting and did try the dumplings which were amazing. I can't wait to try it again! 

Sunday was spent recovering from Saturday :) and also doing some work.  I have so much paperwork/business type work to do for Poppy Style.  I love having my own business, but I am not the most organized person.  So I'm working on that! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Happy Monday!

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  1. Your niece and Poppy are so cute together! I love that they're best friends! I'll have to check out Roosters next time I'm in Charlotte.