Phillip Lim for Target

So I can't believe it, BUT I forgot about the Phillip Lim collection on Sunday!  Luckily, I was up early to run errands and while in my car (at a stop light) I saw tons of pictures on Instagram that reminded me.  So there I went, straight to Target! It was about 9:15 or so and already lots of items were gone at my Target. 

I got this purse:

But really wanted this one:

Luckily, Monday my sister was at her Target and they had ONE left. She grabbed it for me. And I sold the first one I bought to a girl who missed them all! I really love my new bag! (not to brag to anyone who missed it...)

I also got this top:

I wish I had the PJs! How cute are these?!

I love seeing what everyone picked out! What did you get? 

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  1. My post today is about Phillip Lim too! So happy to hear you ended up getting the bag you wanted. If you decide to sell it instead they're going for about $80+ on eBay!! Crazy right?! I saw that top you got but didn't try it on. I should have its super cute! I love the pjs but totally bypassed them when I was in Target on Sunday. I'm sure they're all gone now!