beach needs

beach needs

I am already missing summer! Back in June I shared a list of things I was packing for the beach. But here are a few items that didn't make that list!

one. Floats! And yes the picture is right- we have both of these floats.  They are the best purchases.  We use them in the ocean, lake and the creek. Find them here!

two. Lilly Pulitzer wine glasses! Ok, so they don't have to be Lilly, but these are great because they are plastic.  I also liked having my own personal wine glass while in a house full of people- I always knew which was mine! (will also mention mine was a gift- what a great gift idea!!)

three. Champs! I used to be a big beer drinker...and I do still love beer...but champagne is my drink of choice for the past few years now.  I skip white or red wine and do either champagne or beer.  So of course I had to have some at the beach- perfect in the morning as a mimosa or just by itself! :)

four. This beach chair is awesome! We have two of them because we started with one and always fought over it.  Everyone that was at the beach with us has agreed they need to get them too!  

five.  I picked up this Turkish towel while we were in Rosemary Beach and I love it! Big, but folds up small and dries very quickly!

What do you have to take to the beach with you?!

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