weekend review

This past weekend was my last one at home for the next 4 weekends.  I made sure to take full advantage of it! 

Friday my dad came over for cocktails- we do this just about every Friday that we are in town.  Then he took me and Dave to Roosters for dinner.  I used to like Roosters, then started to not like Roosters, but I went Thursday night after the Neiman Marcus Cusp fashion show with some girls and fell back in love with it! I got the mac'n'cheese (my favorite food) and wedge salad one night, the other night I got the mac'n'cheese and the Roosters dog which was on special.  I definitely suggest checking out Roosters!

Saturday morning I did some bangle making and then got to babysit my cute, adorable little niece Hollins! I took her and Poppy for a walk and let me say it is not easy to walk a dog and push a stroller! Poppy didn't seem to understand why it wasn't just the two of us on the walk. And she loves Hollins so she kept wanting to lick her and Hollins kept want to pet Poppy.  These two are best friends and I love it!


Saturday night we tried Baku with some friends.  Baku just opened last week in South Park and I think its going to be a hit!  However, our first experience wasn't that great.  We were told many different things about being seated and ended up waiting almost 2 hours and then leaving.  The staff at the upstairs bar was super nice and fun! So we enjoyed cocktails while waiting and did try the dumplings which were amazing. I can't wait to try it again! 

Sunday was spent recovering from Saturday :) and also doing some work.  I have so much paperwork/business type work to do for Poppy Style.  I love having my own business, but I am not the most organized person.  So I'm working on that! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Happy Monday!


friday five: september 27

It is FALL! The weather this morning is amazing! It makes me want to go for a run...and I don't run- ever.

As usual I'm linking up with Natasha, Darci, Christina and April!

one. I got to meet April last weekend at Southern Women's Show and it was so fun! It was my first time meeting a "blogger" in person. She was so sweet to come and by see my booth! She is just as wonderful in person as I thought she'd be. 

two. Rodan + Fields....I went to an informational get together about R+F on Wednesday morning.  I had been to a party before, but haven't bought any products yet.  I used to work for a dermatologist so I love skin care and products. I am debating becoming a consultant. I just can't decide!! I know the products work- I've seen before/after photos and seen it in person. The girls there had flawless skin. I thought I had pretty good skin, but then I saw their skin. I was so jealous. Anyone know much about it? Any tips or feedback?!

three. My new LSJ sweatshirt just arrived! I love love it! I got the orange and can't wait to put with some skinny jeans and boots. It is super comfy.  For size guidelines, it runs a bit large. I got a medium, but I could have also done the large.  Just depends on your preference!  Use code: LSJ-MWH at checkout and use LSJ-MWH-FS if you are in Charlotte to get free shipping (I'll personally deliver to you!).

four. I stopped by my favorite Charlotte bead shop (On A String) briefly yesterday- for just one thing. And I walk out with a heavy bag of new beads for bangles.  Always happens! So new pictures of options to come.  I love hanging out there with the girls- so sweet and fun! I could (and have) spend hours there with them. I may even go back in today or tomorrow :) 

five. My friend Brittany sends us girls a quote each day. I have come to look forward to it every day! Here is one from this week that I loved:

"Set your sights high, the higher the better. Expect the most wonderful things to happen, not in the future but right now. Realize that nothing is too good. Allow absolutely nothing to hamper you or hold you up in any way." 
Eileen Caddy

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! I am looking forward to being a little lazy, spending time with the hubby and pup, tidying the house and decorating for fall! Pumpkin patch here I come!


fall fashion at anthropologie

Lately I have been loving everything at Anthropologie!  Here are just a few of my favorite pieces...

fall fashion at anthropologie

I think the dress in the middle would be perfect for some upcoming cocktail parties! I could totally see myself wearing the long sleeve swing dress to a BBQ or oyster roast.  The top would look amazing with skinny pants and booties.  And I would adore either pair of pants! 


4 years

I love a good reason to celebrate! But I don't quite believe in celebrating every anniversary once you are married- I know some people like to celebrate dating anniversaries, engagement anniversaries, etc.  But today I am making an exception.  Four years ago today Dave & I met/had our first date (it was a blind date)!

This November we will be married for two years! 

I feel so lucky to have this guy in my life!


looking forward to

Happy Official Fall Y'all!!

Here are a few things I'm looking forward to in the next month or so...

This Thursday I'm going with my sister to a fashion show at Neiman Marcus! It is hosted by the fabulous and talented Erica Hanks. Her cute little son is good friends with my youngest nephew. 

In October I head to Wrightsville Beach to celebrate my bestie's last fling before the ring! I am already so excited.  I love a girls weekend and this one is going to be awesome!  I also have 2 showers/parties for her in Raleigh during October that I am looking forward to!  

Carving pumpkins!


friday five: september 20

Time for another Friday Five with the girls!

one. Happy Happy Birthday to my sweet sweet mother in law!! She is spending her special day helping me at Southern Women's Show and I can't thank her enough! She is a true blessing to me. I feel so lucky to have her in my life!

two. Ok this is the LAST time that this will be part of my Friday Five-- Southern Women's Show! I survived day one and have three more days to go!  This is my first big show and it has been a good, fun and interesting experience so far.  If you live in Charlotte, I hope you'll stop by and say hi.  Here are a few photos from my booth:

three. I had my first PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte!) this week and I am so ready for fall! It is really starting to feel like fall here and I love it.  I'm sure this has been one of my five favorites for awhile now...  

four. Fall TV shows start next week- need I say more? Castle, Nashville, Law & Order SVU, White Collar are just a few that I am looking forward to.  

five. I picked up this pillow at the show today and adore it! It is perfect for me :)

I hope y'all have a great weekend! I'll be back next week with a DIY project and some recipes we've enjoyed lately. 


Phillip Lim for Target

So I can't believe it, BUT I forgot about the Phillip Lim collection on Sunday!  Luckily, I was up early to run errands and while in my car (at a stop light) I saw tons of pictures on Instagram that reminded me.  So there I went, straight to Target! It was about 9:15 or so and already lots of items were gone at my Target. 

I got this purse:

But really wanted this one:

Luckily, Monday my sister was at her Target and they had ONE left. She grabbed it for me. And I sold the first one I bought to a girl who missed them all! I really love my new bag! (not to brag to anyone who missed it...)

I also got this top:

I wish I had the PJs! How cute are these?!

I love seeing what everyone picked out! What did you get? 


weekend review

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Mine was spent busy working...which I'm totally fine with!  I did manage to sneak in some fun though.

A friend was in town briefly so we had a girls dinner at Napa Friday night.  It was so delicious.  We tried to go to my fav Soul but the wait was about 2 hours and this was at 8:30! We got a cheese/meat plate and calamari.  The calamari was aaaamzing! It was a special so they don't always have it.  Saturday night we celebrated a friend's engagement! They get married next June and I can't wait!

My sweet sister in law helped me get ready for Southern Women's Show on Sunday. She was a huge help!  Most of the weekend revolved on getting ready for the show.  I start setting up Tuesday! Can't wait to share pics with everyone.

A random thing... On Sunday morning I went to Wal-Mart for the first time in years.  I have always heard the ads and "knew" things were cheaper there. But was not prepared for the amazingly low prices! We don't have one super close to me, so its just never made sense to go.  But now I'm determined to try it out more.  I got a tray table for $8, a mirror (for the show) for $5, huge Ninja Turtle coloring book for $1 (nephews...), the cutest teal colored solo cups, etc.  My deodorant, face clothes, dry shampoo, etc were all at least $2 cheaper than Target or the drug store.  Everything I needed for work was significantly cheaper than Staples.  Made my day! I love a deal!

Can't believe its Monday! Hope y'all have a great day :) I have another long day of work ahead of me!  But wouldn't change it for a thing!


friday five: september 13

I am so happy it is Friday! (who isn't?!) 

one. A HUGE thank you to Natalie for featuring my bangles this past Tuesday! And a huge thank you to everyone who has placed an order for bangles! I am so overwhelmed with it and so happy.  

two. If you follow on Instagram, then you saw that I went to Maroon 5 on Wednesday night. And I didn't just go... I got to MEET/TOUCH/STAND BY Adam Levine!!! We had VIP passes, backstage passes, etc and were down in the PIT area. My sister is a huge huge fan so I know this meant a lot to her. I had the best time!


three. Speaking of the concert...I have learned this past week due to the wedding and the concert that I am getting old.  I can't drink like I used to! I used to rarely get hangovers...now it takes me days to recover.  This has really made me rethink going out/drinking large quantities of alcohol. 

four. Healthy lifestyle. This is also related to three.  Back in June I mentioned going on a diet and getting in shape for the beach. That didn't happen. But it needs to happen. I need to get my life in shape and get healthy! My hubby can just randomly go on runs and it so impresses me. I can't run to save my life! He is very good about eating salads, protein, vegetables. I love my carbs. I could eat pasta every day.  So why am I sharing this? Because I need your inspiration! Please send any good protein/veggie recipes, easy work outs, etc.  I don't want a quick fix- I want an overall lifestyle change. Of course I'm not going to become a marathon runner or start a paleo diet or never eat mac'n'cheese again...but I need moderation.  I started a Pinterest board to help me out! So please send tips! 

five. Southern Women's Show is next week! I hope if you're in the Charlotte area you'll stop by. It should be a good time! I'm going to spend the weekend pricing jewelry, planning my booth layout and making sure I have everything I need.  Next week is going to be so busy!! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 



I had so many titles in mind for this post- #russellnantucketnuptials, my weekend, weekend review...and also my friends are better than your friends and my weekend was better than yours. All in good fun... :)

This past weekend I was in Nantucket for my college roommate's wedding! She was marrying her college sweetheart- oh the stories I could share.  BUCKA is what we like to call the couple- for Becca and Buck.  However, Buck is not too fond of it. So the official wedding hashtag was "RussellNantucketNuptials" but we all also used BUCKA.  If you follow along on Instagram, you saw an overload of photos. Sorry, not sorry.

Hands down it was one of the most gorgeous weddings I've ever seen.  Becca looked stunning- her dress was amazing. I wish I had it! I'm not really a crier- I don't typically cry at weddings, movies, etc. But I cried. I almost cried when our flight landed in Nantucket, I teared up when I first saw her Friday night, I teared up at the church. But I really truly balled at the reception.  Listening to Buck's brother's speech was so moving.  Buck and I have something in common that not everyone knows.  We both lost our moms in 2008, shortly after graduating college.  He and Becca were dating at the time and the way she stepped in for his family is incredible.  I know his pain and I know how blessed he and his family are to have Becca.  She is the sweetest person I know.  She has a huge heart and I know that she helped him through the toughest time in his life.  Jonathan, Buck's brother, told the funniest and best stories and referred to this time in their lives. I couldn't control myself!   

But on to the happy! Their love for one another is beautiful.  I was so happy to be there to celebrate with them! And not just with them- but with my awesome college friends! 

Our house for the weekend!


 Overload of fun pictures below....

Wedding time!!


Cheers to the happy couple! I love you both so very much!!