golf par-TEE recap

The golf par-TEE that I helped host this past Saturday went so well! It was a huge hit! The hubby and I drove up to Raleigh first thing Saturday.  The party was at 2, so we needed time for the drive, set up, last minute pick ups, etc.  We didn't leave the party until 7pm! :)  Then we headed to the bride-to-be's parent's house for dinner, more drinks, and hanging out! Her little sister has a birthday this week, so we celebrated that.  Which meant cake and ice cream. The most delicious cake ever. I have to get the recipe! Speaking of that- Kristina might be one of the best brides ever. It was totally her day, her party, everything. But it was important to her that her family celebrate her sister's birthday that night and not make it about her and the wedding.  Bridezilla she is not.

Here are some fun pics from the par-TEE:

Kristina is in the adorable strapless Lilly dress next to me!


Water Hazard

  Eye of the Tiger Shot


I really can't take too much credit for this party! I made a few things, contributed where I could. But the main idea was Katie & Merriweather's and they also made all the little cute tags you see! I will definitely be repeating this theme.  

Have you hosted any fun themed parties recently??

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  1. Y'all did such a good job with the golf theme! I love how you named each of the food a golf term. Looks like it was a great party!