friday five: august 30

Time for 5 on Friday-- FOOTBALL addition! 

one. Last night 2 friends took us to the Panthers/Steelers game. It was so fun! Great seats, great company.  Best of all- the Panther WON! Whoop whoop! I know it doesn't count for "real" but it is still awesome. 

two. Game Day Bangles! Below are some the new game day bangles I've made... more to come and custom orders are taken! Email to order! 

three. I love to tailgate! Last night we didn't have time...but trust me tailgating is just as fun as the game! :)  

Here are my tailgating necessities:
-champagne (straight up or with OJ for mimosas)
-great dip

four.  My pet peeve is bad fans.  This doesn't just mean rude. It means obnoxious. I can't stand when people get SO out of control.  Whether we are pulling for the same time or different teams- it drives me nuts.  I can't stand over drunk, rude, obnoxious, entitled acting people at games.  Its like people forget all their manners! 

five.  A game day outfit is super important! Whether it is a jersey or team t-shirt or a dress- you've gotta be supporting a team! Luckily my favorite teams have great colors, so it is easy to wear.  Light blue and/or white for my Heels, black and/or a pretty blue for the Panthers!  You can always add jewelry to make the colors work.  You also want to be comfortable and dressed weather appropriate. 

from vestique.com

What are your game day tips?!

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