friday five: august 16

Time for 5 on Friday!

one. I had a great meeting with the La Senorita Jolie ladies Thursday morning at Dean & Deluca! I always leave feeling so inspired by each of them.  I also got a new LSJ lipgloss- love it!  We have some great hostess promotions going on, so be sure to email me if you want to host a show! You don't have to be in Charlotte either- we can ship you samples.

two. I got a new planner! I love back to school supplies. So I had to treat myself to a new planner.  My excuse? It will keep me organized... :)

Paper Source

three. I am officially ready for fall.  There has been a nice crispness in the mornings here and I love it.  This is unusual for me because normally I never want summer to end! We also haven't even had our week vacation at the beach with my family yet... 

four.  Speaking of beach vacation...I am officially packing! I am sooo ready to sit on the beach with my toes in the water.  You can click here to see what I took to Rosemary Beach back in June, I'll be taking basically the same items. 

last summer at Pawley's Island, SC

five.  This dress is perfection.  I am on a serious budget....I mean serious.  But I saw this dress and had to have it.  Hubby may wring my neck, but I think it'll be worth it. I can wear it now with flats/sandals, later with boots, then even later with tights and/or a fur vest!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

PS: use the code BEACH for 25% off your entire order (plus FREE shipping) on www.shoppoppystyle.com! 


  1. That dress is super cute!! I say get it! I can't decide which color I like more. The black is great for all seasons but the pink is really pretty too! I like that planner. I always use my iPhone for a calendar but sometimes I miss the actual planner to carry around. May have to get one! I am so ready for fall! I wore jeans yesterday because it was cooler outside and I was in heaven!!!

    1. I totally got it! Went for black... but loved the other colors too!!

  2. Hi! New follower from Five on Friday linkup. Are you near Pawley's Island? I'm in Charleston, SC. Love that planner...I'm addicted to them!

    1. I wish I was from there- sometimes I feel like I am! I am from Charlotte NC, but grew up spending my summers in PI and have family from that area! I love Charleston, you are so lucky!

  3. I love that planner! So cute. And girl I am with you about the beach!!! T-14 days here. Have a BLAST!

  4. Haven't these crisp mornings and evenings in Charlotte just been the best?! Last night I sat outside for two entire hours, 5:30-7:30, just reading magazines and walking barefoot in the grass to look at the plants. It is such a wonderful break from the heat!

  5. I love that dress! I have a similar one in black that I wear all-the-freaking-time. Totally worth the investment ;-) Found you on the 5 on Friday Link up!